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Hello everyone!
I have recently been invited to the Developer Forum on roblox, And i want to start learning it!
I am usually a programmer, So a programmer tag would be nice
Also, Since i am new to the DevForum, Writing code is more difficult for me as it appears as normal text.
Any feedback on how i can learn the DevForum is appreciated!
How code appears for me as of now: (simple while loop)
(nvm just figured how to do the coding, just need to figure out how to get the Programmer tag)

while true do

i would want feedback on how to actually get the programmer tag tho

Just read the rules and you’ll be fine

To get the tag go to the three lines and click groups, and join the programmer group

You should do the @Discobot’s chat tutorial. If you want to have the programmer icon and name, you have to join the group “Programmer”. Anyways do like me, when I started on the DevForum I clicked everywhere to discover what it do.

Hope this will help you, have a nice day!

found out how to get the Programmer tag

The DevForum uses Discourse, so you may see other community forums using it.


Now, Discourse uses Markdown for styling posts. This includes making your text bold, italic, and code. Discord also uses it for messages.

You can always search for the Markdown Cheat Sheet for more guides on what you can do.

Just so you know, there are 2 different code block methods. You have one which is a string and one that has syntax highlighting which is used for multiple lines.

local string = "Just like this"

That is known as a fenced code block.


You can also get your programmer flair (the icon) and the programmer title by joining the programmer group.
You can see all available groups by going to the hamburger bar on the top right and clicking groups. An alternative is clicking here.

Rules & Other

Make sure to follow all DevForum Rules. Failure to do so can lead to consequences.
You can also see how to level up on the DevForum by clicking here.


The DevForum has multiple categories which you can post to. The most used being the Help & Feedback. Here you can ask for development help.

Here’s a short list of some categories and their uses.

  • Updates: A category where moderators of the DevForum post updates, such as announcements.
  • Development Discussion: A category to discuss all development-related topics.
  • Help & Feedback: Development help.
  • Bug Reports: Report Roblox-related bugs.
  • Feature Requests: Request Roblox-related features.
  • Resources: A category where developers share resources that they, or other people have created. Tutorials included.

The End

Thanks for reading :smiley:. I did this in a bit of a rush and haven’t covered completely everything but I’m sure you can work it out.

As said by @EliottENAnnoucement, you can also complete the DiscoBot chat tutorial which will help you understand how Discourse works.

Have a lovely day!

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Oooooh okay, This is alot more useful.

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