New WW1 GFX - Looking for Feedack


I just finished making my new GFX/Thumbnail and would now appreciate some Feedback.
This is also one of my first GFX!

Other GFX I just made

~The GFX~

Thank you for the feedback :smiley:


You left me with no words. This is amazing!


If I were to split this picture up into 3 components, the soldier with background, the logo, and the watermark (may be less of a concern if you won’t be including it in the official image), I would say that each component is very well crafted and looks aesthetic on their own.

But, when you combine all three together, it kind of feels all over the place. The main point of contention here is that there is no singular theme for the entire image. Each component has its own separate theme - the soldier in red background has a dreamy theme to it, the logo has a hard black and white feel to it, and the water mark has a different font from the logo, so it’s theme is different. Overall, the piece feels detached from each other.

I would suggest coming up with an overall theme you want to evoke to the viewer. If it’s hard black and white like your logo, make the rest of the gfx black and white too, and pump up that contrast while you’re at it. If it’s meant to be dreamy red, make your logo dreamy red too, blur it too so it doesn’t feel too sharp and take away from the soldier.

Also, it doesn’t hurt to make the watermark fit in with the theme of the gfx you’re making, just for the funz.

Still looks pretty good though

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Wow, thank you for this feedback,
I tried to implement your ideas and this is what I made: