What do you think of my new GFX?


I just made another GFX! What do you think of it? Do you have any ideas for improvements?
Also: I am pretty new at making GFX

Other GFX I just made

~The GFX~

Thank you for the Feedback


It’s pretty plain but simple, maybe you should try and use a GFX pack there is a lot of particles, overlays, shapes, etc…

The background is pretty “boring” maybe add like an Ocean? Something like that.

Anyways there is a lot to improve, maybe you should’ve watch some youtube tutorials that could help you out with things you are not familiar with :happy2:

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Thank you for the feedback, do you have any GFX pack that you would recommend using?

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My two most used GFX packs are these two both free:


Balance pack:


Not bad, the backround is pretty bare.
It could have some improvement to the Backround.

I hope they will look nice at the end result!

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Try creating a background for more detail, and don’t forget to add lighting. If you don’t want to, it’s fine. These are my personal decisions anyway. But a lot of room to improve!

I remade the background - what do you think of it now?

That’s fantastic. Keep working on improving your GFX skills. I know you’re going to be one of the most talented GFX creators soon. Every obstacle in the horizon to your success is something you will pass, not can. We all believe in you.

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That’s waaay better!! It’s much more smoother and cleaner :happy1:

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