No disconnect message in universe games

Platform: Windows 10 (Not Windows store app)

When getting disconnected, kicked, etc from a place that is within a universe (game with multiple places) you will not get a kick or disconnect message, leaving you in a broken state thinking the game is broken.

Repro steps:

  • Teleport to sub-place in a universe
  • Kick user
  • No disconnect message will display, but you will still see the kick output in your Client dev console

This is still an issue that leads tens of thousands of our users to think that the game is broken rather than we did a shutdown. Please address this!


You should be able to lock all inputs to the player and display a kick UI when the player is kicked like a On Player Leave script that normally a player if they leave normally or the kick works so it displays so it should work as a temp fix for this bug


I’m experiencing the same issue.

I think it happens after the player teleports with a custom loading screen. Any point after teleporting with a custom loading screen will reproduce this issue.

The disconnected CoreGUI message doesn’t appear when the player loses connection or when servers are shutdown.


I think you are correct. I’ve tried to reproduce this issue with a custom loading screen and without:

Custom Loading Screen:

Using game.ReplicatedFirst:RemoveDefaultLoadingScreen(), then making the UI visible, kicking the player 10 seconds later breaks it.

Without Custom Loading Screen:

I loaded into the game, waiting 10 seconds then kicked. The disconnect message successfully displayed.

And as @TheLegendOfSirenhead said, using a custom one would be fine for now, but how would you close the client? As many players are younger and use that “Leave Game” button to close it…
I would say have a message indicating it is a Roblox Bug

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Wonder why this didn’t get Roblox’s attention. Been having the same thing happening to my game but was never able to figure out why. I had the thought it had to do with custom loading screens but my game uses like ~20 places so its just a pain to test this theory. This makes much more sense.

I’ve been trying to figure out for months why so many players were getting kicked with no messages / stuck in a broken state. I hope someone sees this and addresses it. It’s been broken for a long time


Happening to me as well. Needs to be fixed ASAP.

Happens at this place here: Blox Royale - Roblox


Happens to my game as well, after shutting down all servers players don’t get disconnected and they’re left in a broken state.

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Bringing this up again. Probably going to keep doing this until someone acknowledges that this is an issue and that they are looking into it. This has been a problem for awhile, not sure why nobody at Roblox has noticed this topic. Really shows how great the DevForums are for reporting bugs


Thanks for your report and sorry for the long response time. We just turned off a feature that might have caused this. Could you guys help check whether it happens now…? (If it is easy to repro.) Thanks~


Does not look like this fixed the issue unfortunately :frowning:

After looking at the app again, the message did finally appear. But this was long after my movement controls got locked and my UI stopped working (20s or so later)


Seems like this may have fixed it. I actually see the kick message now (after using custom loading screens). And I was able to actually get the disconnect message! It did work for me and a few other players as well

Edit: I guess it may not be entirely fixed yet as the above message explains


Is this delay in the prompt showing up only happens when you trigger this specific error…? e.g. if you get kicked do you get errors immediately in your place?


I can confirm that this is bug is no longer happening in my game as well. I have custom loading screens and two different places. There is no delay as far as I can tell.

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The message appears instantly when kicked

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This is still an issue, I left myself AFK in a game and could no longer move when I returned.
This is because I silently disconnected but the game does not communicate this to you.

The only other symptom I can find is the output terminal will not show you a Server log (since the server no longer exists):


You could always do something with a on player removed that pulls up something like this

which will tell the user a roblox bug prevents roblox from closing.
You can always disable the custom loading screen until this is fully fixed but it wont look as good.

If we can detect it that might be the way to go!

We just pushed an update and our players are always so confused as to why the game “breaks”. They think it’s a Roblox / Game bug, they don’t know they need to rejoin.

I’m hopeful Roblox will get this patched before the year end so we don’t need to resort to something like this though

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Have to also state that this bug re-appeared after it was originally “fixed” after about a week. Hopefully this can be addressed and resolved once and for all


Weird! I’m thankful this got bumped… I can’t make a topic about this, but for me, on EVERY SINGLE GAME, the game disconnects, it usually doesn’t if it takes too long though it does happen still maybe a long time after being in game. But it’s usually when you just join, but then I don’t get a disconnect prompt either, but now, it doesnt seem like it’s even depending on if it has multiple places, for me ANY GAME does the same.

Extra: disabling your network driver prompts a reconnect, which makes me think it might have to do with roblox asking windows if I have internet connection, but even though I got disconnected from roblox now my internet IS working, so it doesn’t prompt me.

Another thing, any other version of ROBLOX such as the UWP one seem to work FINE and the prompt appears with no issues at all, i have some special recordings which I might share soon.

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