Object Gizmo - Insert 40+ basic to advanced parts/meshes with one click


Object Gizmo is a building plugin for inserting and replacing with basic to complex parts/meshes. It’s out-of-the-way, has a fresh design, and can save you a lot of time. Both dark and light themes are supported. Right now, there aren’t many objects. I’m open to suggestions!

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Insert and replace objects

Alongside inserting parts, this plugin also has the ability to replace existing assets, similar to Elttob’s Reclass.

When hovering on an object button:

  • Left Click - Insert an object at the camera’s target
  • Right Click - Replace all selected objects with an object

For more information on the replace feature, see my reply.

Over 40 objects

Insert from basic studio models to advanced meshes, shapes, or presets like SurfaceGui text. Objects are categorized by color. Tell me if you want something added.

Theme support

The plugin also supports light theme (assuming your eyes support it)



Dock it anywhere

Object Gizmo is inside a widget, meaning it’s super simple to drag it into a spot that works for you. Here are some ideas!

On the top


My favorite
(Slight gap is due to Roblox’s widget minimum size)

With other plugins

Be creative!
(Reclass, Archimedes III)





Auto Parenting + Insert

I have mimicked Roblox’s default insert mechanics almost perfectly to make the plugin feel flush with Studio. The plugin will automatically parent an inserted object to the current selection’s parent. The object will be selected automatically once it has been inserted.


  • One or two icons have been taken from Lucide however the rest were made by me, designed to be consistent with the icon set.

  • I’m using Dekkonot’s open-sourced code from their serializer to retrieve properties from a class.

https://twitter.com/CriticalDucky :smile:

Inform me if you find an error or want something added.

  • 1.0 - Plugin done
  • 1.1 2022-04-27T04:00:00Z - 5 Objects added (development objects, cylindrical wedge, and a curved corner wedge)
  • 1.2 2022-05-13T04:00:00Z - Right click to replace feature, icon adjustments

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This is amazing! So much functionality with such a clean theme.


Bookmarked for later implementation into Roblox Studio


Damn, just from the preview and images you’ve posted, this looks amazing. The design very well done and looks too good for studio.

This’ll definetly be useful for me in the future.

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This looks very good, will definitely come in handy.

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Looks pretty good! I will try it :slight_smile:

Update 1.1

I added 5 new objects. Three of them are development assets. Let me know if you want something added!

Dev objects explained

Mirror Object - This object is intended to be used with Model Reflect by Stravant. It’s a way to create and use a mirror surface with style. Very useful for modular building or symmetrical builds. Also completely optional lol. I just think it looks cool.

More info: Object Gizmo - Insert 40+ basic to advanced parts/meshes with one click - #8 by CriticalDucky

Planning Cube - Used to plan builds. Like the other assets, it uses the baseplate texture and is there for convenience.

Axle/Pivot (long cylinder) - A fancy pivot for plugins that have pivotal rotation.

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Hello! Great plug-in! I was just wondering how does the Dev mirror part work? Like how do I use it?

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Sorry about the lack of clarity! When building symmetrical buildings I like to create one half first and then mirror it. I usually create rough parts like this:

The mirror block gets the job done, however it looks unappealing. The mirror part is supposed to replace the mirror part in a more permanent fashion, so to speak. It looks nicer than a random floating block. This object has no scripted functionality and is meant to be used with Stravant - Model Reflect - Roblox

The object is useless when you aren’t working on highly symmetrical and geometric builds. I created this because I am working on creating futuristic maps that have a lot of symmetry. I do not expect this to be widely used, it was mostly for my personal benefit.

Real use case

An example of a symmetrical build.

I can add a mirror here because I am going to need to mirror objects from the red to the blue side frequently.

Thanks for the question, I hope this cleared it up for you!

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Update 1.2

Right click to replace

Object Gizmo just got better! Right-click an insert button to replace all objects under your selection:

Select your object(s)


Right-click a button




Caveats/known issues
  • Does not carry over adornments. This is on my issues board and it will be fixed soon. For now, avoid replacing parts that have things like a SelectionBox in them. The adornment will not carry over.

  • When undoing a replacement, the object’s children will be cleared even after redoing. When changing a part’s parent to nil, this is just how Roblox handles ChangeHistoryService. This is also an issue with Elttob’s Reclass and at this moment I have not thought up a logical solution.

New artwork

Redid the plugin icon to be consistent with the rest of the plugin. I also created text.



Old Logo

New Logo

Which one do you like better?

  • Old Logo
  • New Logo

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That’s all, folks! As usual, tell me if you want an object added.

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