Open bug report wizard to members, but it should instead send a message to Bug-Support group

As a Roblox developer and a devforum member, I’d prefer to see the bug reports I file with the Bug Support group stay consistent with the other ones in the #bug-reports category.

The bug report wizard allows regulars to file bug reports with specific formatting for organization purposes. However, this functionality is currently not available for devforum members. I believe it should be, but upon submitting, it would send a message to the @Bug-Support group for review instead of creating a new topic.

Reasons why I believe this would be beneficial:

  1. Organization

I think doing this would allow consistency across all the subcategories of #bug-reports. Easy to read for Roblox staff.

  1. Less spam (maybe)

So many new members like to post in other categories about bugs they have discovered. Their main reason is usually, “I can’t post in bug reports”.
Many of them do not know that they can just message the Bug-Support group (which is probably the reason for the creation of this request). But if the “Report Bug” button isn’t greyed out, likely their first intention is to click it and file their bug through there, answering all the questions.

  1. Easier to file

I have to admit that filing a bug report as a member is a heck of a hassle. I first have to go to #bulletin-board and create a new topic, then go BACK to the #bug-reports category to view the template, then I write my new bug report, then have to go to the bug-support group to send a message asking for my topic to be moved over.
Through this, I can just click “Report Bug” and answer all my questions, then the message will be automatically sent to the bug support team.

If Roblox is able to address this issue, it would improve my experience using the forum because of the reasons stated above.


If this was done it would have the same fate as post approval back in the day (1000s of requests per month, most of them awful). It’s better this be more obscure for the time being, so only people who have urgent issues or are driven significantly figure out how to do this, which should hopefully result in mostly decent bug reports being submitted.


I completely agree with this. When some members try to post bug reports in #development-discussion, it is usually things that are not even close to being considered a bug report like “my computer crashed while I was on Studio” or “Roblox Studio is not opening”. However, there are many members that are really active on the forum and are not regulars because there is currently no post approval system. They are also having bugs that impact their development and not just “Studio crashed” or something like that.

A bug report wizard would be pretty cool for members, but again, people will misuse it, so it is best to keep things the way they are until there is a solution to post approval.


That’s fine, I just would like to be able to use the bug report wizard to file bug reports.

I personally don’t care about trust levels, but I can agree with this post. I sometimes run into studio bugs, and I often check #bug-reports a lot, and hope that a Regular has posted a bug report.

However, as @PeZsmistic said, we don’t need another Post Approval system. That would make the Bug Report Wizard kind of useless then.

The best way I think this can be handled is a new way to rank up to Regular (Just remember, I don’t care about TLS here). If a member of DeveloperEngagementTeam sees that you are “ready” for regular, they will rank you up, but that Regular role can downgrade any time if DeveloperEngagementTeams feels if necessary.

I personally think that there will be a lot more harm than done if the Bug Report Wizard was opened up to Members, weather if it was public, or if it was another PA system.

The post approval team was a group of volunteers. The Bug-Support team is a group of Roblox staff, who can probably handle these reports better (considering the PA team only did it when they felt the need to do them, and Roblox staff literally work for Roblox).

And as PeZsmistic said, it can be obscure.

I don’t see any reason for this.

As most people don’t do many bug raports (I only did one that got accepted)

I’m not sure, even Regulars oftenly confuse bugs with a glitch in their end/script. It happens pretty often amongst regulars, I can’t imagine thousands of false bug reports every day.

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I am giving my full support to this. It is unfair of us to end up using Roblox support, when it is inefficient.

What do you mean by this? As someone who has experience using the forum, I can assure you that many members like me file bug reports regularly.

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