[Open] Builder for hire!

About Me

Hi there, I’m pokemongo2537!

I am offering my services as a builder and gfx artist. I specialize in creating low-poly, modern, and sci-fi builds as well as building maps. I can also render profile pictures as well as group renders. I’ve been building on Roblox for roughly 2 years.

(Please note that I am still working on my portfolio and some of my work is not displayed yet)


Small assets

(Custom TDS skin)

(low-poly guns)

Large assets (buildings)


Small map

Full-Scale map

(WIP vibe place build)



I am available on most days. I’m on Pacific time and am able to work for up to 2 hours each day.


Prices and terms are negotiable, I accept percentage if you have a backup plan. My preferred payment is USD although gift cards, limiteds, group funds, and t-shirts work as well. I might require up to a 50% deposit before I start to avoid being scammed AND to show that you’re committed to the game and will not exit me in the middle of the job.

Gfx render: 100 robux (per character)

Before I start working, you need to prove that you can pay me.
If you’re paying in limiteds, make sure to add enough to cover the cost of the small I’m sending, ex a 2k payment would be 2.5k for a 500 item.


You can contact me on Discord or using the Devforum

Thanks for reading! :grin:


I may need you for a game lobby. Whats your discord?

My discord is 2537 #5424 . Thanks for considering!

_ 2537 _ #5424 (without spaces)


I’m now open and commissions are available again, I also added a bunch of my recent works!