[Open] Cheap Builder For Hire

Hello there everyone :wave: :grinning: ,

About me

Hi I’m jack, I’m an experienced builder on the Roblox platform and have accounts dating back to 2015 meaning I have been building Roblox maps and games for 5 almost 6 years now and feel like I can finally give my craft as a service to other people. I am primarily a low poly builder and low poly is my main talent and interest but can almost definitely do any high poly map if you need.

I feel i am very creative and always coming up with new builds and map ideas

I work all day on weekends but are a little slower on weekdays but not much difference the only difference is i will start working later on those days and i wont message on discord until around 4

Contact info

  1. You can contact me on dev forum

  2. Or on my discord RBX_Jack#4585


  1. Multiple small maps (2-4 small maps) : 2-5kR$ although could be more if you would like more than 4

  2. Big maps: 5kR$+ (500,500 studs +)

  3. Massive maps: 8R$+ (1500,1500 studs +)

  4. Restaurants, work centres Etc… : 1k-1.5kR$

  5. Assets: 750R$ - 2KR$ (depending on complexity of the assets)

noteable clients


  1. CraftingVegeto


  1. TheBoringDev
  2. PearlLilac

Here are some examples of my work

You can also see more of my work here in the link below: :grin: :+1:

Look forward to working with you guys



I like the builds, nice! Would you like to work at my dev team?


it was in the wrong category, I didn’t know how to change it and it got flagged so I posted a new one in the right place :grinning:

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im not looking too join a dev team just yet im only doing small things at the moment thanks for asking tho :grinning:

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I contacted you :smiley: hope you answer


It not like a big dev team tho. It’s like a project and if you stick for more by we can maybe compensate you when the game gets big.

You would be making a map (terrain) and we’d be putting a restaurant on that map. It would be for the V2 of the place.


ill think about it. Do you have discord or something

Yup, here u go:


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thanks ill keep in touch :pray:

Looks good! Love the low poly style. Only thing is on the first reference I think the grass is too bright. That’s all, though. Looks good.

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Thanks :smiley:, and okay then ill keep that in mind for future builds

Whats your discord? :slight_smile: I might hire you.

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my discord is RBX_Jack#4585 hope to work with you :grinning:

Hes an awsome builder! he helped us a lot!

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Awesome builder. He built a whole island for me and it turned out greay

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Hi! I’d like to order a map from you. Are you still accepting commissions? My discord tag is: Rabbit Goddess#2618

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Your builds are pretty clean keep it up!

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Yes i am ill add you now :grinning:

Thanks that means alot :upside_down_face:

Your discord tag doesnt work try mine RBX_Jack#4585

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