[OPEN] Midgard hiring motivated Medieval Developers!

About Me & Midgard

Greetings developers. I am rokedev, the founder/project manager, and scripter of my game Midgard. I have had a long journey working on different forms of Midgard over the past yearish and currently am well on my way to releasing an alpha test for the game with content for my discord community to play.

What is Midgard?

Midgard is an open-world, medieval, empire building game. The objective of the game is to rise to the height of power in whatever way the play desires. If the player prefers to play the game by themselves, they could be a merchant that manipulates the changing prices across different cities in Midgard. If the play prefers to play the game in a clan, they could rise to political power and rule over Midgard and reigning kings and queens. If they want to rise to physical power, they could lead the most well disciplined mercenary company in all of Midgard.

This game is inspired by Skyrim, Game of Thrones, and other medieval sources that just magnify my love for the medieval world. From a development side of things, the objective is to create an immersive experience that is understandable and enjoyable for all ages, although brutal and unforgiving when wrong decisions are made.

Current Progress


This is the main thing I’ve been working on for the past multiple weeks.

This shows off the entire inventory system, and the newly implemented “Tool” class.

It basically has all the function of the roblox backpack, but with much more versatility for me to add more stuff such as custom attacks, custom damage, interaction with other weapons, etc.


This was with the old UI, but it shows of the picking up and dropping of items with a slider that is relative to their stack size.


New loading screen that’s going to have revamped UI by our new UI designer.

I’ve been scripting for just over a year now, here’s my pretty bad formatted portfolio.

The Team
@rokedev - Project Manager and Scripter
@sentrisic - 3D Modeler
@The_Frame - UI Designer
@StandardDoor - Terrain Designer
Vacant - Animator
Vacant - SFX Designer
Vacant - 3D Modeler

The majority of our progress is on the whitelist only development place. :frowning:

I can show you what I’ve been working on through GIFs, screenshots, and a video that I made last week.

About The Jobs

Since Midgard is currently in a pre-alpha stage, there is not much funding for the game. I cannot offer payment options right now that are set in stone, but I can give ranges of what you can expect once there is monetization implemented and a dedicated playerbase.

Another note is that if you are interested in a role that is already filled, PLEASE still contact me. Having multiple people in each role could help move development faster and make connections between people who didn’t know they work well together. :slight_smile:

3D Modeler [15-30%]

The 3D Modeler is expected to create weapons, armors, houses, props, horses, etc. Anything that needs to be brought to life in the environment, will be designed by the 3D Modeler. The style of the game is not 100% decided on when it comes to the modeling department, although higher-resolution textures fit the cold, brutal theme that I think would be desirable.

Animator [5-15%]

The animator would need to make an immense amount of animations as for each custom weapon type to make the weapon feel the way it is supposed to feel there would have to be slight variations in the animations to give the game replayability and surprise the players when they get a new weapon. Payment on this is very versatile because skill sets in animating can range low and high.

SFX Artist [5-10%]

The SFX artist would be responsible for making sound effects, as well as possibly music for different areas of the game. (I’m not exactly sure the difference between a composer and a SFX artist.) This would include sword slashing sounds, GUI interaction sounds, environmental interaction sounds such as pickaxes breaking rocks, town interaction sounds such as doors opening/closing, and more.


As stated previously, this is a large project and it is in the pre-alpha stage. I cannot offer direct payment, but as the game progresses and we do add monetization, those who work their hardest would be prioritized for payment from our first revenue.

Contact Us

You can contact me on my discord, twitter, or here on the DevForum! Please ask questions to help me improve the post, I greatly appreciate it.

My Twitter
My Discord: roke#6258

Thank you for your time.

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Have you made any progress in the game that you could show?

Also, if the game fails (which I sincerely hope it doesn’t), do the developers then not earn anything? I think it would be much easier to get devs if you were able to promise something whether the game flops or not.

Yes, I’ll add the progress GIFs to the post. Thank you for the suggestion.

In terms of compensation if the game fails, I don’t have the personal funding to promise anything to developers if the game fails. The best that I can do is give them a IOU for me to script them anything that they want, but besides that, there isn’t much I can do.

Edit: GIFs added.

Sounds good.

I would be interested in doing terrain for you. Below is a Google Doc link to some work. Only a few pics are of terrain. If that isn’t enough, I am trying to work with a different employer to get pictures of terrain I built for him.


There are some more terrain photos for you!

No permission for the new doc, and from looking at the last doc it wasn’t really terrain, more of just buildings.

Yeah, this one is terrain - let me switch Google accounts.


The reason that some pictures have ice, snow, and grass is that I was painting over for a summer-theme (instead of the winter-theme), not because I’m bad with colors :wink:

Do you have any complete terrain builds? Just small snippets aren’t enough to see coherence throughout the entire map with the terrain.

As mentioned previously, I am working with an employer to access a game I worked on in the past. He is on a phone, so I have no real estimate on when I can get that.

Alright. Until I can see the completed terrain builds, I’ll have to keep you on hold. Message me on discord if you have any more questions:


Hello, I’d love to work as builder/terrain designer, my portfolio: ItsByskyWrecker: Builder/GUI/Modeler/Landscaper portfolio. I can do both I never worked on a proper showcase to put it on my portfolio but I can make sick looking terrain if you want or both the decision is up to you.

The majority of the positions are still open. If you’re interested, add me on discord! roke#6258

Updated 6/18/19 with our 2 new developers!

Updated 6/24/19 with our current developers.

Note: If you’re hired, you will be put on trial for a minimum of 1 week to see how you work with the team before being given asset access.)

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