OPEN SOURCE | Advanced Melee System


Advanced Melee System is an open source skill-based combat technology which aims to be customizable.


Advanced Melee System is designed to be used in any genre that uses medieval-like weapons (swords, spears, shields, bows), so it would be suitable for Ancient, Medieval, and even Sci-Fi games (like star wars and dune which use sword-like weapons).

What features does AMS have?


AMS has most of the tools you would need for a melee combat system. It has swords, shields, spears/javelins, and bows.

Directional System

AMS utilizes a directional system, meaning you can swing in 4 different directions and block in 4 different directions when using only a weapon.

Draw System

AMS utilizes a draw system, meaning you can draw your weapon out by holding left click to deal more damage. Damages range from 20-40.

Feint System

AMS utilizes a feint system. To feint you must right click while your weapon is still being drawn. This will cancel your attack and possibly trick your opponent.

Stun System

AMS utilizes a stun system. There are two types of stuns, a block stun and a hit stun. A Hit Stun is given upon hitting a player. If you hit a player who is swinging / drawing their weapon, you will cancel their attack. They are then stunned for 0.3 seconds in which they cannot attack again. A Block Stun is given upon blocking a player. By blocking a player you deal them with a 0.65 second stun.


Watch this video for a step by step guide on how to setup the tech aswell as new swords, shields, spears, and bows: ROBLOX OPEN SOURCE Advanced Melee System - YouTube


Read more about modifying the tech on the AMS GitHub:


This is a very good system, although I have not used any before. Good job!


Hello! So is it possible to use lightsabers and able to wield it as dual with this system?
Also I have issue with it but it suppose to turn off the lightsaber blade when not in use?

Btw awesome system!!


Dual wielding isn’t possible with this system. You’ll have to modify the code and add an event for when the weapon is equipped and equipped. You can look into the “Essential” component in the server which handles equipping and dequipping.


In the Elements section in the config you can make it so the shield blocks always by changing
DontBlockWhenAttacking: true,
DontBlockWhenEnabled: true,
DontBlockWhenDisabled: true,
all to false


Oh are you plan to add it in future update also Essential component but if I modify it and it will break the system or it wont break it?

If you modify it without deleting anything it should work fine. I will probably add it as an update in the future.


Thank you for showing me this great tech, it is very nice.

Ah okay is it possible to add animated blade when I use it like this?
(Equipped or holding - blade up)
(Unequipped - blade down)
Actually I’ll try see what I can do with it but is it a way to disable throw spear so I can use lightsaber pike or staff? (it not supposed to throw it)

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Hi, I set up the system but I noticed some issues that I was wondering if you could address:

  • The run animation does not seem to work
  • The equip animations does not seem to work either. When you play it looks like they just teleport to your hand
  • I don’t know if this is an issue or not but is the spear supposed to be horizontal on your character, because in the video it looked like it was vertical

That’s all,
Thank You!


Would this be possible to use to fight enemies rather than real players?

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Just testing and looking great, would it be possible to add it so the player faces the cursor when using spears and bows?


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Is this mobile friendly? Or just PC.

You would have to add in your own modifications to make it so the weapons do damage to NPCs but you don’t have to modify the source code. You can look at the modification section in the GitHub readme.


It is mobile friendly but it hasn’t been tested too much with mobile so there might be some bugs.


The run animation is Roblox’s default run animation or whatever one you added. The game does not handle running animations anymore and leaves it to roblox/yourself. The walk animation in the animations folder is just an alternative walk animation that you can use yourself.

Yeah, the animations for the equip and holster just position the tool to be in an equipped or holstered position.

Message me an image of this and I can try and see what’s causing it.

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This is a very awesome system packed with tons of features! However I do have a question, why did you open-source this? This seems extremely high quality to open-source. Was it a game that didn’t do well?

Also, I found some sort of bug but it just may be that my ping was extremely high. It thought I was spamming RemoteEvents and kicked me.

Just wanted to provide a quality combat system for people to use for free.

In the elements section of the config, set ClientHitValidation to false and it shouldn’t kick you anymore when you get high ping.

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Is this system compatible with R6?

Does this melee system support R6 by chance?