[Open Source] Effective & True Health

TL;DR; This is a combat mechanic which “allows” players to have more than their normal health. Some might call it “Hidden Health”, I call it armour, whatever. Do as you wish with it. You can get it here.

This is a mechanic I have made recently for a game I had in mind but the idea quickly turned out to be impossible with my current story-telling skills.

(sorry alfie)

Current uses I know possible with this;

  • Sword fighting games
  • Gunfighting games
  • RPGs with fighting
  • I don’t even know, stuff with fighting.
  • literally any games that involve fighting ok this list will take forever give me your recorder Engi I’m tired of th-

What are the features?

Asked no one. ever.
  • This pack comes with a UI already built showing both the defence and the health at the same time, taking advantage of the mechanic of having a defence system.
  • The pack disables health regeneration to prioritize Armour regeneration rather than let players focus on their health.
  • The pack comes with only one script (technically 2 if including the install guide) and one handler, rather than millions of tiny handlers for stuff that don’t even belong to the mechanic itself.

I want a demo. I won’t take the model without a demo.

Sure, you can come to my sword fighting game where you likely become the loneliest man in history of loneliest of mans. I have added 3 bricks to allow demonstration of what the mechanic is based on and how it works just-in-case you’ll be lonely. You’ll figure out how it works real quick.

Okay, I love the idea, but how does the default UI look?

i made it when i was sleepy at 3am so it wont look best
hhere how it looks
hopefully is good
food is good too ngl


You can get the model right here. I might not update it if there’s no need to. (Mostly) compatible with default gear thing UI thing.