0bBinary (EngiAdurite) | Scripter / Studio UI Design

About Me

Hello there! I have re-opened my services as a scripter, and have redone the portfolio since my old one was very outdated. I have a lot of experience with RP games (Cafe / Hotel specifically), experience with administration systems scripting and Server <–> Client communications. I really want to expand to other genres and systems for scripting. I have 4 years of experience with scripting, and about 10 months of UI design and scripting experience.


My most notable example of development is the Redefine:A system, which includes an Admin system and a Desktop for everyone to use, mostly developed solo by me.

I have additionally created a lot of packages for SimpleAdmin, created by crywink.

I have made additional resources which… uh… aren’t as good, but are worth mentioning since a portfolio isn’t complete if not all of the items are mentioned.

Here is my UI work from before March (The previous portfolio)

Here is my UI work from after March (aka the reason why I am remaking the portfolio)

image < unused lol

I have tried making the desktop as a standalone system but uh… let’s say it fell and broke.

Node.JS bot showcase

I have created a node.js bot for the group I currently develop at, Steamin’ Beans. It’s a basic bot for tickets which has features such as a (deprecated) tag system, remote admin commands and a constant express server running in order to get an external database using SQLite (quick.db).
Additionally, it uses noblox.js for Roblox Ranking, and a ban datastore.

Scripts I have made as public resources

Well, the list may be short, but here are the resources I have made public;
Redefine:A (Obviously.)
Something I made because I was bored (Health / Defense for ya’ll)
Pumpkin Hunt == Good
SimpleSprite Spritesheet Handler

Other scripties

Other scripts I have made which are not for public use;
Engis_Bot: (It was made 2.5 years ago for Frizzed by @DiscombobulatedJack. I have revived it about a year ago when I got hired to work at Steamin’ Beans.)

Project Roblox Bans++: (Abandoned development, but still being used.)


I have made more projects, but most of them are private.


Due to the military service, I can only be available for development at random times, which are not in my control. I will try to be available on Discord as much as I can, however.


While most of the stuff I do is negotiable, I want to keep it above the 1K R$+ / $5 mark per asset, or 2K R$ / $10 per hour. Free time is not something I have much of, and it being used for development isn’t the greatest of ideas, especially considering I want to relax and/or calm down from the military.


While you can contact me right here in the Devforums, I’d rather being contacted in Discord or Twitter.
Discord; Sezei#3061
Twitter; @engiadurite


Very helpful, flexible, and helps out a lot! I recommend him since he helped me with his admin and scripting certain commands for my admin in a game I had! 10/10 work, you wont regret it!