EngiAdurite | Scripter & UI Designer | Open for devs

About Me

Hello there! I am currently opening my services as a scripter and a UI designer. I usually do scripts and UIs for small games and Cafes, but I want to get myself open for other genres. I have been scripting for 3.5 years and been designing UIs for around 3 months so far. Notable examples where I have been at are Frizzed, Steamin’ Beans, Iceberg Hotels, and more!


Obviously, by coming here, you either came for my scripting or my UI.

Here are my UIs I have made; (Yes, I love using Roundify :D)

tagchanger (SB)

And here are my scripts;

While I made many scripts, most of them are being kept in private. I’ll only post the ones I’m confident enough to publish;

Redefine:A (A powerful ((yet overshadowed)) administration system); https://www.roblox.com/library/4636608342/Redefine-A-Public-Version (Please note, this is an older version of the one I am currently designing. I have already released the full version which can be found here.)

AdminGUI Basic (Basically an administration GUI I made a long time ago. I don’t even remember how it works, or if it even works); https://www.roblox.com/library/2417878102/OFFICIAL-AdminGUI-Basic

Engibot; Not something I can share, but it’s something I’m proud of. It’s a player that is controlled by a local script specifically made for that player. I might share the source if it will get leaked again.

I also made some SyncAdmin plugins, but SyncAdmin is dead at this point, sadly.

Open Sourceries I made here

I have released a few nice scripts in Devforums already.
Armour / Effective Health


Currently, due to the virus outbreak, I am available for over 10 hours a day, every day. My response times are usually fast, but if it will take me over 10 minutes to answer, please do not spam my DMs.


While prices are mostly negotiable, though I want to keep it above the 1K+ mark for scripting just for the reasoning of time, and around 100-250 for the UI.


You can contact me here on the Developer Forum, but I prefer to be contacted using my Discord; Sezei#3061.


Would you accept precentage(%) by an chance, or just down payment?


I do accept percentage, but it really depends on the context of the game / group.

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I tried to reach you through this discord, however you do not have friend requests open or are in the (unoffical?) devforum community server.

Sadly I am not in the devforum community server, but I do have friend requests open from the official one.


My experience with you has been a wild but fun rollercoaster, you’ve shown dedication, patience & passion for what you do here on the Roblox platform.

I’m sure you’ll continue to provide the great essentials & services you have with your time working at Frizzed back then.