[OPEN SOURCE] Redefine:A | SourceMod in Roblox

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For those of you who don’t know what SourceMod is, it’s basically an “admin” engine for VALVe games such as TF2, CS:GO, Dota 2, Day of Defeat, etc…, which allows plugins and mods to be installed to the servers to allow custom game modes such as Jailbreak. This admin system aims to get the same result, but differently.

Key differences between this admin and other ones

This admin includes many features other admins wouldn’t have even imagined of adding, such as;

  • Local Player IDs (!lpid)
  • Cache collection
  • Fully customizable UIs
  • “Libraries”
    and MUCH more than that!

Wait, what’s Local Player IDs?

Local player IDs is a part of the Cache collection, where every player is assigned a “Local ID” upon joining. It allows a more ‘selective’ command argument while keeping itself a non-necessity for the commands. What does it give? Let’s say it’ll end up with a “!kick #3

Okay… but what are libraries?

Libraries allow custom commands to have an external source for cache collections, extra functions, etc. Basically just a module script for new commands.

So how customizable are the UIs really?

They are as customizable as you want, as long as the main parts of it are still on the UI. It can range from basic color changes (aka Themes, officially), to a whole new UI system just to aid the users. Really, it’s that much customizable.

Wait, isn’t that the old Zeus Admin by @TheKitDev?

False. Zeus Admin was a chat-based administration system scripted by him and only him. Originally, Redefine:A was supposed to be a project with both of us to make an ‘Enterprise’ version for that admin, but Kit has turned out to be inactive with that project. I took it over and made it much more smooth and silky, to the point of me rewriting it from scratch. No, it doesn’t mean that the original Zeus Admin itself is dead… I think.

Sounds cool! How do I sign up?

You no longer have to ‘sign up’ in order to get the model anymore. It’s now open source, and ready to go for it’s next target.

You can get the model here. The latest version is V.02#5.

This thread will be used for whenever I update the admin.
If you find any bug with it, feel free to report it here!

Updating Guide

This admin is updating regularly without having an auto-update require()! That’s why I am adding this guide;

Move all of your old add-ons to the new Model’s add-ons folder. Update them if necessary from their official pages / models. Done! That’s literally all there is to it! The admin list saves from version to version.

Usage guide (Because some people don’t know how to use it)

When you’re using this admin, you may have noticed that me, all and others won’t work. The reason is that you need to add a “@” before the alts. For example; !kill @[all/others/me/admins/alive/dead…]. I have done it to be like that so people with confusing names (such as those who start with all, me, others, etc) won’t make a big bad.


  • The AGB Global Banlist is disabled by default for now because it has many flaws, including false bans, very annoying UI which has no relation to the admin, and other things which I will not mention. It’s horrible by itself, and I admit it. I’m going to fix it when the right time comes.
  • My other project, AppCat, isn’t abandoned. I set it aside while I prioritized working on Redefine:A, as it has much more potential than AppCat. I know the Administration Systems has much more competition than the Application Centers one, I admit it, but potentially it might win the small race if I put more time into it.
  • It will get overshadowed by BA Essentials real quick. 100%.

In my opinion. not hating or anything the benefits or extra features of this engine seems to just be in favor of convenience, I don’t see how it really add much more flavor to the product itself.

That’s correct. It was made to be a convenient tool for administration.


Please provide screenshots of Redefine:A



All of the UI shown here was taken in the “Source” theme made by @Yes_Cone, which is provided with the admin in the “Add-Ons” section. The “About” section will always be in the “Light” theme, as this is the signature theme for the admin.


Screenshot_2 Screenshot_3 Screenshot_9


Sorry for the month-late bump, but I have updated the admin to make it about 20% better before the big release of version 03.
The new version is V.02#5

This build (#5) adds;
Added sounds to notifications.
Added some new colours to the “RC3S” module.
Preparations for version 03, such as better modding support. :thinking:

Fixes from previous builds;
Fixed empty arguments. (aka; !f3x will now act the same as !f3x @me, as originally intended.)