[ OPEN SOURCED ] Simple Message logging!


:happy4: Thank you for taking your time and reading this, this is just a simple 45 line script for developers to use rather than just logging EVERY single message that a player chats, I hope this does get used and see your feedback in the comments : ) happy scripting! :computer:




Roblox Place: (Uncopylocked!) https://www.roblox.com/games/6666396129/Message-logger
File: Message logger.rbxl (22.6 KB)

Source code

 Open Sourced!
 - Thigbr
 - 04/10/21
 - Happy scripting! :)

-- // Configuration
local Waittime = 5

-- // Services
local Players = game:GetService("Players")
local http = game:GetService("HttpService")

-- // Variables
local DiscordWebhook = "YourDiscordWebhookHere!"

-- // Tables
local messages = {}

-- // Functions
function getRealTime(Time)
	local ExactTime     = os.date("!*t",Time)
	local Hr, min, sec, day, mnth, year = ExactTime.hour,  ExactTime.min, ExactTime.sec, ExactTime.day, ExactTime.month, ExactTime.year
	return ("%d-%02d-%02dT%02d:%02d:%02dZ"):format(year, mnth, day, Hr, min, sec)

-- //
		table.insert(messages, plr.Name..":"..plr.UserId.."-"..msg)

while wait(Waittime) do
	if (#messages > 0) then
		local data = {
			embeds = {
					author = {name = "Messages Logged!"},
					title = tostring(#messages).." Messages Found!",
					description = http:JSONEncode(messages),
					timestamp = getRealTime(tick()),
					color = "2053964",        
					type = "rich",
		local newdata = http:JSONEncode(data)

Contact Information

Discord: Thigbr#5855

Let me know your feedback and suggestion in the Comments!

Happy scripting! :happy4:


Note: Logging anything by using discord will get your discord account TERMINATED! Please refrain from doing so!


A better way to do this is via bots because as far as I am aware you can’t get your account banned.

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I believe webhooks are classed as bots.

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Ignoring logging issues, to make it look a little better, you could use a for loop with the length of the messages, and each time it would add an embed field with a title of the message, and the description of the user that sent it.


They’re not, they have the bot flair but are limited to just sending messages and embeds if I’m not wrong. They need a companion bot to do the message deleting and etc.

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Thats not true. Bots are hosted by you so discord doens’t have to handle the milions of people on roblox spamming discord webhooks. If you host something, no one bans you for logging. Using webhooks is handled directly by discord and will get you banned if you spam it.

Better delete this post (Unless you try to get some people banned)

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Ignoring all of the issues with logging in-game chat messages to Discord via webhooks, what is the actual purpose of this module? Why should we want to log in-game chat messages in the first place? Not to be rude, this is a genuine question, but I’m confused why this is useful.


How would you handle GDPR and various other laws which make you remove any data you have on a person. You’re going to go through each message to remove it?

I find it a breach of security. I’d want my messages to be seen by roblox, but thats about it.


Discord’s built in Webhooks function as an easy way to get automated messages and data updates sent to a text channel in your server.


It does NOT say that you are allowed to Log anything on it.


Says that even 100 messages is too much.

This guy’s module is sending

86400/5 = 17280 requests per day.

This not only will get your account banned, you will also get IP banned

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The duration of the time will limit it as you’re putting all the data inside of the table and releasing it. However you can just use a alternative proxy

Looks like we have to handle Adonis, Simple admin and any other admin system that logs chats as well!

Thank you for your feedback, I’ll look into it!

Today I will try to make a alternative to this that uses bot accounts instead so your Discord doesn’t get banned.

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You need to filter it, or you can get banned.

Just log the stuff that are from the admin, meaning it would log :fly, but not regular chat messages

False, Not all messages, At least I couldn’t find a decent thread where people purposely found a way to do it. They offer that as a service. And if so then what would be the entire point on this being a worthwhile service?

Your service is to provide logging. Theirs is for utilities. Hence, With logging, you’ll have to manage laws and various things regarding that.

Not true. It is excessive use of it. He is also sending all of the messages in one message. So this argument is invalid

You still can because it still relies on endpoints.

Yes, and no. They are bots but they really are just endpoints on a server.

You still can get banned cause it is the SAME EXACT THING. A bot just a webbook on steroids.