Open the regular role or open access for members to talent hub and website feature requests

Disclaimer: I am aware of the other “open regular” categories posted here. I have tried to improve on these posts in both the request and the writing.

As a roblox developer, it is impossible to make any post in the topics mentioned in the title. Why is this an issue? Well, for many reasons.

To begin with, we can’t post any requests regarding the roblox website, as it’s locked to regulars. This is extremely frustrating, as I, and I’m sure many other developers, have so many good ideas that would benefit the roblox platform-- yet they’re not heard, because if we post them or request them anywhere else, it’s off-topic. People typically argue that we should just message a roblox staff member (or that one bot i can’t remember the name of). However, more posts in a public category would encourage more discussion. This means that the ideas and requests posted here would receive more feedback and become better.

Onto my second point, the ability to receive the regular role, as well as post approval, was deprecated years ago. Given that the forum’s population has grown so much since then, the amount of regulars is comparatively small when you consider the amount of members. This means that less requests are being posted when the forum (and roblox’s) population is steadily increasing. An increase to posts and discussion in the regular-locked categories would allow the roblox website, talent hub, and forum as a whole, as more feedback for features, whether positive or negative, could be given, and these posts would better reflect the views and interests of forum members.

Lastly, I and many other developers, feel like we are not being listened to. I know this sounds nitpicky and whiny, but let me cite an example.
Remember when roblox was going to change the materials, forcibly, and expected us to just adapt to it and change literally thousands of parts in our game to cope with it? Yeah, it took hundreds of (rather angry) replies and overwhelmingly negative feedback to change it-- which thankfully, they did.
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In addition, I have a few suggestions on how the regular role could be given out. Perhaps having certain badges, numbers of likes, or just being active on the forum could get you the role. That’s literally what a regular is, someone who visits a place on a regular basis.

In conclusion, either unlocking these categories, or opening the regular role in general, would improve my experience drastically, as I would be able to make posts about the forum and website that would be beneficial and that I assume would be listened to.

Thank you for reading.


I agree with this post, we need the regular role open back up.


Technically, a year ago.

Besides, giving out Regular based on profile statistics won’t work. Unless it’s a combination of automation and manually review. But then you’d get the issue with Post Approval again: forum scale.


I already suggested this as soon as the Talent Hub categories came out. Still haven’t received a response


Yikes, they still haven’t opened it either… But I think they should also open #feature-requests:website-features to members.

Kairomatic did say that they were working on opening the regular role.


Hi there, thanks for this request and we are aware of the access issues to #feature-requests. We recently solved this for #bug-reports and will be working on a similar solution for #feature-requests in the future.

I am consolidating all feature requests related to “Feature Requests” access to this thread: All forum users should have a path forward to be able to post in feature requests - #154 by Hooksmith

Please read my response there for further details. Thanks again for posting this and for your patience!