OpenAI in Roblox - Answers from an AI!

This is a pretty early proof of concept that OpenAI can be used on Roblox. Its really early but I think its a really nice piece of technology. Please share what you get from the questions you ask!

Note: I know the UI is bad but I rushed it, but since it works, who cares

Right now its limited to:

  • 700 tokens (characters) maximum per prompt or answer
  • 15 seconds cooldown per prompt

Also please leave some feedback! Have fun.


UI Update

I think it would be better if you changed the color of the text.


How does this work exactly? It seems really cool.

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Very cool.


The UI is very bright, it hurts my eyes. Can you possibly add a darker themed version of the UI?

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Maybe add some more contrast to the text. AI in Roblox is pretty cool though

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does this work by making api/http requests?

I will make a dark theme button as soon as I get home. Thanks for the feedback!

New update!

Added Dark/Light theme.
Also made cooldowns functional and changed the cooldown from 30s to 10s.
Temperature is now random, for more answer diversity.
Added some padding and better UI look.
Added spatial voice too, it can be fun or something.
Game now has limited servers in order to limit requests for the server.

Hope you enjoy!

Maybe the text should be white in dark theme but thank you for adding this.

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Hey there! I really enjoy this concept! Although for some reason the text always breaks and al doesn’t say anything so I have to reboot the game up?

Maybe lower this to like 5 seconds…

Oh yeah because its limited to 512 characters (or letters if you will).

I think 10 seconds is enough, just know that if a lot of people send requests at the same time, requests can be really fast

there are 4 server slots in the game for 10 players at the moment.
4*10 = 40 players

40 players sending 12 (each 5s) requests in a minute:
12*40 = 480 requests per minute. which is really high and can get rate limited, note that this is just for 40 players, imagine if more.

10 seconds however is reasonable and lets you time to think on what to prompt to the AI.

Thanks again for the feedback though!

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New update here folks! Quality of life improvements.

  • Mouse wheel, mouse lock were disabled
  • Character limit is shown at the top left corner
  • The Clear text button now available to erase the text if you need to ask other questions
  • Character limit increased to 800
  • Temperature is even more random for more varied answers
  • User is now warned when the text was filtered and could have confused the AI (this was not tested, please tell me if it works correctly)
  • Added mobile support (was not tested, please tell me if it works sucessfully)

Thanks again for those who gave feedback.
Have fun!

side note…

But open ai limit the amout of token you can use don’t they, so unless you pay for them, it’ll eventually runout or expire.

Nice stuff, I’ve also made a very similar “game” a few months ago, but I kept it private, and don’t plan on releasing it. Be careful with the token consumption, especially with this pretty high token limit, which could cost you a hell lot, and also don’t forget to submit the application to get your token limits raised for your game, takes two minutes and it can’t be an issue if you don’t…

Maybe there could be a Scrolling Frame so you could see the entire text