[OPEN]The Jurassic Warrrrr!His now hiring people FOR FREE!Last chance!


Hello evryone,I am looking for Terrain developper with a minimum of experience. I just look for people who could help me so that I can create a team that would serve to create my game.To apply you must be over 13 years old.


@Pushy1511/The Manager
@jose233080/Modeler 3D
@DaffyDavinko ackend programmer
@kevingamer1082/Graphic designer
@Chillzerr/Music artist


The game would be on the theme of jurassic world and would be a mix of roleplay and theme park.The map would be the same as in the jurassic world movie.Vu that in the film there is a volcano there is going to be one also worse sometimes it could erupt before it would erupt there would be an alert or a warning telling the visitor to enter the security center and the same thing ex: If there is a dinosaur escaping from the cage he could eat the visitors !! There would also be different teams that these security the other his firefighters and the team of the paramadic.

ankylosaurus indominus rex main 300px-ACU_Shield1 images 8a13913e7f0a8612a7d00d9485ec16fd

I’m 13 years old and I like to cook, I go to scout and I ski.


I am not available week except for the long vacation leave these leave I am available.The weekend I am available.The weekend I can play more than 5heyres and the me thing for the week during long holidays like Christmas.


I dont paid if you work for me its FOR FREE!!


You can contact me by twitter or discord but I prefer discord.
Twitter:(@ThomasG81065502) : https://twitter.com/ThomasG81065502?s=09
Discord: pushy151#9643


About copyrights i will talk to the company jurassic world.Inquire you not for now with this.

Thanks for reading! :slight_smile:


I would specify the payment so developers actually know what their getting paid. And how do we know we’re getting paid when we are so said supposed to? Will there be an agreement, deal, or contract to sign to ensure we get our pay?

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They just need to contact me and then I make them an agreement for salary or pay.

Hey, when I saw Jurassic I already thought it’s gonna be something crazy now I’m sitting here thinking how the game is gonna look) Can’t wait :wink:

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If you want you can join the team i Search people😉

I am a music artist but if you’d like me to sure)

Go add me on discord

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Sorry to say but I can guarantee you that you will have problems with copyright law.


Y’a i Will change the name and logo but its Will be on the theme of jurassic World.Other question?

You ever need a animator for the job?

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Yes i need animator!!
Contact me on discord please.

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Well this Is a scam, no payment, no nothing.


Why would anyone work for free??? I’m not a good developer but I wouldn’t work for free unless it’s for my friend or something. Most developers won’t even bother reading something with no pay. Maybe not a scam but a bad deal if you ask me. Even I pay my workers over 10k or a good percentage.

Either explain this or add a payment option.

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You can tell he is young and new to this world, let him try a little bit. :laughing:


Ye, you can see from his forum sent that is one of his first time in the developer world, let him get use to it first m8.

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It looks like he is young, but he doesn’t need to start an project this soon, maybe train,get your develoment skills good and work for small groups! That’s how I started.

Correct , just what I said last time he posted this.

This category is for paid opportunities only


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