[OPEN][USD] Builder needed $250+

About The Job

I’m looking for an experienced builder who would like to take up the task of remodeling/rebuilding an entire map. It might sound like a big task, but I can guarantee it’s not. I’m looking for someone who can work with an already developed map or willing to start from scratch. The map needs to be remodeled although a lot will still remain the same. The style will and should remain identical. This version being developed will be identical with minor changes to structures and detail. Not putting much information out there, but it’s a decent paying job for not so big of a task/map.


I have group funds, but I much rather fund this project entirely through paypal. I’m looking to pay around $250 USD although I’m obviously willing to raise the price. (Depending on the individual that takes the job)

Contact me

You can contact me here on the Developer Forum or leave your Discord tag below and I will add you.


Hey! Interested in the project!


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I’m interested in what you want to be accomplished. I have provided my portfolio below, and you can contact me on Discord at Kara#0003

Interested, would like to see the map though.
Discord: Polsaar#4091

Hey! Im interested. Id be glad to show you some of my work through discord

I am interested, add me on discord. I am kirb.is.awesome#6974.

Hi, I am Plethoa, I would be perfect for this position, as I am very experienced with cartoony islands. I am proficient in Blender and can make anything you ask. My Roblox studio knowledge is excellent and I am able to make anything you need. If you like my work, and would like more info about me please contact me on the devforum or on discord at Plethoa#9971. Thanks!

I am interested, I remade over 2 maps before, Eric_Homemade#0001

I am interested, add me on discord. ronald_YT#4379

I am interested, contact me at discord Debugged#1067

Add me on discord CozyBlanket#5129

Looking to get back into building

Well if u dont know me i am ItsJaku a notable builder. Worked on Epic minigames, Speed Race, and other games. Contact ItsJaku#8933

Hi! I’m interested. I do detailed work. Here’s my portfolio: [CLOSED] Maenaryz building portfolio | commissions My @ is nova;#8781

Hey, I’m interested. Discord: exdee#9333

Hello, I am interested.


Here’s my portfolio -

I’m interested in the project, here’s my portfolio:

I know it’s not much but I work really cheap.

I am highly interested. I am currently under emergency commissions. Zaternos#0075

Hey, I highly wanna be involved in this project! My discord is ethan.#0001
I’ll send my portfolio through Discord! Thanks!

I’m interested in the position. My discord tag is Laemmle#8800. Here is my portfolio.

I am interested in the vacancy Nimble#2987