Opinion on having quality controlled collaboration or forcing players to put effort into posts

Please note this post isnt meant to offend anyone read with care

Hello Robloxians if many of you were here early last year or previous you would remember dev-fourm marketplace. This place allowed for Robloxians to sell there creations with other users on the platform. The removal of marketplace pushed a lot of creators and clients to hiring collaborations In return this saw a lot of competition between users fighting for high paying posts and a lot of posts where people spent little then 1 minute to create.

now this brings me to my first argument.

Over the previous few weeks I was frowned on making this discussion post due to potential backlash but after seeing a lot of posts recently I feel like we should be quality checking posts on collaboration hiring, why you may ask?

Well as someone who does roblox as part time jumping on roblox dev fourms and seeing hiring and 50% you will see % as payment %10 someone looking for something free %20 asking for way to much or 20% posts have little information provided.

Now dont get me wrong Marketplace was removed due to not being able to provide quality insurance with many players arguing prices or what should be sold in return and not being able to safely transfer goods. But what we got in return is
(Please dont be offended if this was your post)

Most of the posts on dev-fourms hiring is checked off by real people each post a simple correction where a staff could remind the client that there is a template provided or have them denied if they have just 1 line of text and little to no information at that time its just words on a paper.

Now, i ask you would you go to a job hiring and have 2 lines of about you? you probally would not you also would not get the job as well i also do not get how it benefits any party as well.

In conclusion this post was to get light onto the subject and to see if any robloxian felt the same way about collaborations not to rain hell fire and say clients are bad and roblox does bad at moderating this is just a post to express something thats been bothering me for a bit.

Opinion of having quality controlled collaboration
  • I think we should have quality control
  • I think people should be allowed regardless

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I agree the amount of low quality posts for saying to do absurd amounts of (x) for free is annoying

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If you’re willing to hire someone through unreasonably low standards, you likely will not and shouldn’t get anyone willing to work with you. It’s a lesson well learned in itself.

Just ignore the posts? This is an open market and people are allowed to offer whatever they think it’s fair to as payment for services. Regulating it would only cause harm since you’d be pushing away most of the people who use it.

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Threads in recruitment aren’t going to exist for much longer given the TalentHub is on the way.

See: I can't un-mark my post as a solution - #2 by Hooksmith, Unlock Recruitment Posts - #6 by buildthomas and Roblox Platform High-Level Roadmap

Q2 2021 is not that far away and market economics will dictate how well poor quality posts should be dealt with. Good idea, but just a bit too late.