Opportunity for Developer-Written Content Promotion!

Hey Developers,

As you might already know, the Developer Relations Team runs a publication on a website called Medium that publishes and promotes content written by developers on topics that the developer community has shown particular interest in. You can see our Medium publication here: https://medium.com/roblox-developer

Medium is a great way to gain exposure to communities outside of the Developer Community: the Medium publication is available to anyone who accesses a link to the article, goes looking for Roblox-related content, or discovers it organically! Once we publish our developers’ work on the website, the Developer Relations Team promotes these articles on the official Developer Relations Twitter and in the monthly recaps posted on the Developer Forum.

Currently, the Developer Relations Team invites developers to write an article for the publication. We’ve decided to open this opportunity to everyone in the developer community to discover and promote new voices and experiences! Here’s what to expect with the new system:

  1. If you are interested in writing an article, please complete this application: https://survey.roblox.com/s3/4605916-Roblox-Developer-Medium-Content-Submission
  2. If your topic is selected, the Developer Relations team will reach out and work with you on a timeline for publication that fits your schedule.
  3. Submit your draft to the Developer Relations Team for review and editing. Finalized articles will then be posted to Medium.
  4. Your article will be promoted on @robloxdevrel and included in the Monthly Recap on the Developer Forum

For the next few months, we will be focusing on player retention in your Roblox games! We’re looking for articles for topics like the following:

  • The impact of first impressions on player retention

  • How making your game social can encourage your players to come back again

  • The importance of building a dedicated community for your game

  • Increasing retention through effective communication to players

  • Leveraging custom events and analytics to identify user experience problems and improve retention

These are just a few ideas to get you started! We are open to hearing your ideas for other topics or aspects of retention that have worked - or not worked! - for you in your games. Please outline them in the survey, and we will review the submissions in the order they are received.

We look forward to seeing what our developers submit!


The Developer Relations Team


Hmm, what do we do if we have no twitter handle?


Fun. Really digging the new opportunities the Developer Relations team has been opening up. I’ll be sure to have a look at this later - always fancied a little writing.

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I’d just put « No Twitter » or something of the like.

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This should be an optional field, so no need to provide a link if you don’t have one! Thanks!

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Great opportunity! Will definitely be applying.

Submitted :slight_smile:

This is a really cool opportunity. So glad this is available!

I’ve submitted an application, I’ve got good experience from publishing games and It’d be nice to have the opportunity to share my knowledge and thoughts.

Good luck to everyone that has applied!

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Personally, I would love if there was a field where we could list our writing/developing/social experiences. I’ve taken some pretty advanced Public Relations workshops from Northwestern University, and had other similar experiences. I’d love to highlight that, and I think it’ll be very beneficial for staff to know more about our experiences!


Submitted :smile:

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Submitted :slight_smile:

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When do we find out who was accepted? I’m really excited but anxious, I’d love this opportunity.


We’ll reach out on a rolling basis!

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