Option for bluring BillboardGui's when BlurEffect is Enabled

As a Roblox developer, it is currently too hard to have all UI elements in-world be blurred. I’d like an option where UI elements, under a BillboardGui, are blurred when a BlurEffect is enabled. Whether this should be the default behavior, I am unsure.

A screenshot from my game from the pause menu. SurfaceGui children are blurred whereas BillboardGui children are not.

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If this issue is addressed, it would improve my development experience because it would make blurring in-game UI much easier.

Allowing this to be an option developers can set would let developers have more freedom for what is/isn’t blurred, maybe for some use cases others may have. And, from what I’ve read, making blur happen would be more expensive performance wise. I’d personally like to blur the BillboardGui’s whereas others may not.


Thanks for the report. BillboardGuis with the AlwaysOnTop option enabled will not have blur applied. Otherwise they should. If your BillboardGui has this enabled can you try disabling it and see if that gets the behavior you want? Unfortunately it is not currently possible to have the BillboardGui render after everything else but also have blur applied.

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Totally forgot about AlwaysOnTop. When that is disabled, the text does in fact get blurred.

Thanks for the reply.

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