Option to exclude objects from global lighting

Every lighting system (except for Compatibility) is color inaccurate, due to HDR and other factors.
As a result, we are forced to use the Compatibility lighting, as we rely on its exact color accuracy for our gameplay.

We request the option to exclude objects, such as Parts, MeshParts, and SurfaceGuis, from global lighting.

In doing so, we can restore lost color accuracy in new lighting engines, and allow more complex and stylistic lighting environments through the selective use of lighting. This could also bring about more dynamic SurfaceGui interface designs, as SurfaceGuis currently look washed out in the modern lighting engines.

For us in particular, it allows us to move away from the deprecated Compatibility lighting engine, and make use of the beautiful and not-deprecated Future lighting engine.
The visual quality of our game is limited by our required use of the old lighting system.

Below is a demonstration of how our game is negatively impacted using a newer lighting engine.
For reference, we use SurfaceGuis to render our characters:

The hair color is especially noticeable.

Do note that it is currently impossible to restore color accuracy using any means in the new lighting systems (modifying brightness, lighting colors, color correction, etc).

Here’s some other links from devs dealing with this issue as well

Thanks for your time! :slight_smile:


Upon further research, it seems having an option to modify or disable the tonemapper would fix this issue. Here’s some detailed information about why this happens Desaturated/washed out colours in Unreal - Real Time VFX .
(Ideally it should be possible to set variations of the tonemapper for different instances, to allow for some really stylistic design!)

This feature was also discussed here some time ago Issue with lighting for BillboardGuis/SurfaceGuis - #11 by Homeomorph

(It’s also interesting to note that AlwaysOnTop on SurfaceGui’s fixes lighting issues – maybe we could have a way to apply only the lighting change?)

Would deeply appreciate a response to this! We want to create a visually incredible experience for our players, and this feature is our only roadblock into doing so! :slight_smile: