Ore Tycoon 2 | End of Decade / Holidays 2019 Event / January 2020 Update Patch Notes


This post includes the patch notes for the Ore Tycoon 2 End of Decade / Holidays 2019 Event Update, and will also include all non-major update patch notes afterwards.


Thank you so so much for everyone’s continued support and patience for this update! I’ve worked around-the-clock for the past days just to push one final major update out before the year ends. Super sorry for the lack of huge updates! I hope this update would make up all the waiting for you :happy4:


  • :christmas_tree::gift: THE HOLIDAYS 2019 EVENT HAS STARTED! From now until January 31st, 2020, search and complete secret quests to obtain gifts! Get ALL 7 MAIN GIFTS to claim the Grand Prize, the Handmade Gift of the Masters!
    • Added 10 new gifts for you to collect! The following are the 7 main gifts needed to claim the Grand Prize:
      • Mobile Gift of Vroom-vroom
      • Throwback Gift of the Seasons
      • Resilient Gift of Surprise
      • Jolly Gift of the Gift-giving Winters
      • 8-bit Gift of Retro
      • Gold-laced Gift of Skybreak
      • Frozen Gift of Five Year Memories
    • The following are the 3 extra gifts for you to claim! These do not add to the 7 gift requirement needed.
      • Handmade Gift of the Masters (Grand Prize)
      • PlantStudios Community Christmas Gift 2019
      • plaYful gift of staff
    • This Holidays, there will be RANKS! Be one of the first ten players to complete the event and get the Champion Chat Tag! Be one of the 11th-50th completers and get the Elite Chat Tag!
    • Ranks will also be broadcasted globally!
  • :money_with_wings:THE END OF DECADE SALE IS ON!!! Shop in the Tycoon Bux Catalog now before the amazing deals and returning items are gone!
  • :earth_americas: ORE TYCOON 2 IS NOW LOCALIZED IN 6 LANGUAGES! Yup, that’s right! Ore Tycoon 2 is now localized in Filipino, Dutch, French, German, Spanish, and Portuguese!
    • The game is not completely localized yet! We hope that the game will be fully localized to these languages by the end of the Q1 of 2020.
    • Please don’t hesitate to contact us [the Developers] if there are any mistranslations!
    • More languages are coming soon!
  • :gift: The Mysterious Gift of Free has opened to reveal… the plaYful gift of staff Launcher!
  • :interrobang: A mysterious rift has appeared in the sky… Check it out and you might find a gift! :eyes:
  • Four shards have scattered across the Ore Tycoon Universe! Collect them all and put them together in a special place to get the Frozen Gift of Five Year Memories! Thank you so, so much for supporting us on the Fifth Year of the Ore Tycoon Series!
  • :test_tube:THE RESEARCH LEVEL CAP HAS BEEN INCREASED TO 25!!! Go now and level up!
  • :microscope:A NEW SCIENCE ITEM HAS BEEN ADDED—THE MECHANICAL GENERATOR! This item will add seconds worth of charge to your Mechanical Upgrader once every few minutes… Research now and for a chance to get this new item!
  • :snowflake: A new huge winter map!!! Check out the cool snow and snowmen that has spread throughout all of Tycoon Island!
  • The Emergency Meeting achievement is BACK! Find the Hidden Staffroom to get this badge!
  • A NEW xMYTHICAL HAS APPEARED IN THE BAGS! Open bags now and get a chance to unbox the all-new, terrifyingly cold Icedagger, which is sure to scare your foes!
  • TONS of new codes have been added and will be released soon in our Social Media Pages! Be sure to follow us at Twitter @PlantStudiosRBX, and join our Roblox Group PlantStudios to be updated of all codes!
    • Redeem the code “GOODBYE2010S” and get FREE 10k Tycoon Bux, first 2010 Redeemers only!!!

Changes & Improvements

  • Safes have been BUFFED!
    • Golden Safes can no longer contain Tycoon Bux that is within the range of regular safes, and Diamond Safes can no longer contain Tycoon Bux that is within the range of Golden Safes
    • Increased minimum and maximum obtainable tycoon bux in Regular (35-55 → 55-85) and Golden safes (45-135 → 85-155), and the minimum in Diamond safes (125 → 155)
    • Max diamond safe tycoon bux has been reduced. (625->500)
    • Buffed Elusive Ruby Chests (1250-5000 → 2500 - 7500)
    • Buffed safe drop rate
    • Increased despawn timer for all safes from 600 seconds (10 minutes) to 1200 seconds (20 minutes)
  • Reduced the Tycoon Bux requirements for all levels!! Now you can play more Ore Tycoon 2 and worry less about grinding for Tycoon Bux :cool:
  • Removed Flashbang due to issues which completely prevents others from playing the game
    • Flashbang owners will still keep their flashbang, but it will no longer work
  • The game will no longer tell you that you obtained the Fast Typer tag if you already had it before
  • Changed Level of Detail behavior (game will now send the detail as separate groups instead of being an entire file, which may cause crashes)
  • Level Of Detail will now be the last to be loaded by the client (This fixes a lot of bugs)
  • Changed Pretty Water behavior (now, Pretty Water is no longer terrain water but part water with reflection)
  • Credits screen is now a scrolling frame to fit everyone!
  • Community Team and Translation team is now credited!
  • Rephrased some parts of the Ore Worth Filter tip
  • Buffed Unstable Machine (Will now do x2 speed and jump power along with its explosion effect)
  • Buffed Blizzard Blade’s slowing ability (14->12 walkspeed), made the requirements for the slowing ability easier to be met
  • Buffed Speedy Shoes (Speed: 16->26, Health: -65 → -85)
  • Buffed Bunny Ears (Speed: 9 → 12, Jump: 50 → 80)
  • Buffed Portable Healing Station (Will now increase your Health by 25, will also instantly heal you once upon equipping)


  • Fixed issue where Island Expansion looks weird on Solo Mode
  • Fixed issue where mods summon rains twice when no rains are happening
  • Fixed issue where water and other settings do not immediately apply upon joining
  • Fixed issue where the client fails to receive and use ore data sent by server
  • Fixed ironsight of Pumpkin Launcher not appearing on scope mode
  • Fixed Heal Pad not working for players using Levitation Animation Pack
  • Fixed issue where the Credits button is cut off from the Settings tab sometimes
  • Fixed issue where the notes of an invisible paper copy of the Bag Song are visible near your hands while using the Piano Mine
  • Fixed issue where Unstable Machine won’t boost players using Levitation Animation Pack
  • Fixed Blizzard Blade having an incorrect “Blade Sword” tooltip
  • You can no longer die for equipping the Speedy Shoes and Bunny Ears boosts

Update 191230b

  • Fixed Underground Expansion
  • Walkable Ocean floor is now wider

Update 191230c

  • Reduced fog
  • Fixed issue where the automatic text capture captures Tycoon Bux codes

Update 191230d

  • Vroom Vroom gift is now a lot faster (10-30 speed → 25-50 speed)
  • Reverted a change in Level Of Detail, which accidentally broke the feature itself

Update 191231a

  • The plaYful gift launcher is now equippable in the Shrine of the Bagverse
  • Moderators are now blacklisted from getting a valid rank
  • Changed Retro Gift requirements
  • Added a new hint for Retro Gift somewhere!
  • Reduced Broadcasting price from 3.5k to 2.5k Tycoon Bux
  • Tweaked Staffroom
  • Added new easter eggs
  • Ore Limit will no longer be shown in comma form
  • Ore Number is now shown in the Ore Limit
  • Optimized Ore Limit indicator (will lag less now)
    • Ore Limit indicator will no longer update if the Settings tab is not opened
    • Ore Limit indicator will now also include the number of ores (removed before due to potential performance issues, which are now lessened by the change)
  • Fixed issue where players can get stuck in the blocked cave
  • Fixed error with Iron Excavator Upgrade
  • Fixed issue with Ore Worth Filter not working correctly
  • Fixed issue with global event broadcasts where it incorrectly says that the player completed the Bag Hunt
  • [Internal] Fixed issue where the specified price in the ore worth filter is picked up by the auto text capture
  • [Internal] Updated GameAnalytics Module from v1.3.6 to v2.1.0
  • [Internal] separated the events leaderboard from unboxing leaderboard

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January 2020 Update Patch Notes

Update 200101a

  • The End of Decade sale has ended! Thank you so much to everyone for supporting Ore Tycoon this 2010’s!
  • First update of 2020!!! Happy New Year to everyone! Redeem the code “2020NEWYEAR” for 2020 Tycoon Bux!
  • Made the Staffroom less laggy
  • Added PestiXyde to the Staffroom. Sorry Pesti!!! #blameshadow2081
  • Ore Worth Filter now accepts decimal values!
  • Added another hint to Retro Gift in OT2. Please stop DMing me about the Retro gift.
  • Silenced an error with the iron excavator upgrade
  • Fixed chat tags and chat icons not working properly
  • Fixed trails not working on joining / spawning
  • Fixed issue where the number of ores part of the ore limit text disappear when updating the ore limit
  • Fixed issue with the ore worth filter interface not working properly upon joining
  • Fixed issue with the ore worth filter not working properly
  • Fixed issue where the suffix stored internally is not updated after disabling automatic ore worth filter
  • Fixed issue with safes despawning much sooner than intended
  • Reverted change where safes despawn 20 minutes (safes despawn after 10 minutes again)
  • Reduced area where safes can spawn. Most, if not all, of the removed parts are coastal or oceanic areas.
  • Fixed issue where the button for finishing walls of the island is floating far from the island
  • Fixed issue where spam-clicking the button for changing suffixes , or changing the values quickly of the Ore Worth Filter would cause the client to send multiple requests
  • Fixed the Bag Hero tag of the Rank 1 completer of the Bag Hunt not being ruby-colored
  • Fixed Official Submitters and VIPs not having their broadcast prefix and font
  • Fixed non-VIP players being able to see how much their ores are worth
  • Fixed Ore Worth Filter not updating back to 0 if the filter thinks that’s the best filter for you, and you’ve already set a worth filter previously
  • Fixed issue where client can send wrong data to server if the auto filter/worth filter is toggled too fast
  • [INTERNAL] made owf easier to fix and update
  • [INTERNAL] Mods and devs can now broadcast for free and has a higher text limit
  • [INTERNAL] Fixed issue where using the admin/unadmin command will cause the server to permanently give the Unexpected Encounter badge
  • [INTERNAL] Added bcperks for rank 251+

*Shrine of the Bagverse also has the fixes for chat tags, icons, and broadcasts applied

Update 200101b

  • Fixed error with color picker of broadcast
  • Fixed staffroom
  • Fixed snowball not working
  • Fixed fireworks not working

Update 200101c

  • Fixed critical bug where staffroom would keep on being duplicated to you by the server, causing an issue that may lag servers and cause them to crash

Update 200101d

  • Fixed critical bug where 100k Tycoon Bux purchased with robux is not awarded

Update 200101e

  • Fixed critical bug where Tycoon Bux, Tycoon bux catalog, and inventory fails to load

Update 200102a

  • Purchasing the Level 2 Wall will now also include a roof!
  • Added a new Main District upgrader, the Third Ore Cleaner! The Third Ore Cleaner does x2.8 to all ores. Unlocked at Expansion 4
  • Level-locked Ore Purifier to Level 2 (Needs Second Floor now instead of Expansion 4)
  • Nerfed Ore Purifier Base stats (x3.5 -> x2.5)
  • Andromeda Mine from the 2017 PlantStudios Christmas Gift is now back with new stats!
    • 2017 Stats: Ore value of $1, 1x1x1 size, ores that come in contact with the Andromeda Ore are imitated by the Andromeda Ore and their value is added to the value of the Andromeda Ore, and the sum is multiplied by x1.1225. Works once per ore, but Andromeda can imitate infinite amounts of ores, 6 seconds drop time, free
    • 2020 Stats: Ore Value of $2017, 5x5x5 size, .6 drop time, costs $2,017,000
    • Now xMythical tier
  • Buffed Ore Purifier Science Upgrade stats (+1 multiplier to +1.5 multiplier. Still weaker than old x4.5 (now does x4))
  • Buffed Industrial Refiner stats (x1.5-x4.1 -> x1.7-x4.8)
  • [VIP] Your last-used Broadcast Color will now be saved and loaded!
  • Fixed issue where ore limit and ore worth filter cannot be changed after researching
  • Fixed issue where ore limit locks to 200 and ore worth filter locks to auto after researching
  • Fixed memory leak caused by Researching
  • Fixed Z-Fighting issue with Level 2 & 3 walls
  • Fixed first peridot mine being cheaper than the mine before it
  • Fixed issue with ore counter not reflecting changes when the ore number decreases. Related to ore number not updating after research.
  • Fixed issue where trails cannot be unequipped if you joined the game with a trail equipped
  • Fixed issue where your trail would be removed if you equip a particle if you joined with a trail equipped
  • Fixed issue where ore counter does not update if no ores are produced and you open the settings frame
  • Added a failsafe which prevents a memory leak from happening if there is no drop part
  • [INTERNAL] Fixed issue where i cant test Ore Tycoon 2 on studio

Update 200102b

  • Fixed third Ore Cleaner breaking your refinery, causing you to be unable to gain income and progress further

Update 200102c

  • Fixed third Ore Cleaner breaking your refinery, causing you to be unable to gain income and progress further (For real now)

Update 200102d

  • Fixed third ore cleaner not upgrading ores
  • This update is live in all servers

Update 200102e

  • Reduced the size of icons in Inventory and Tycoon Bux Catalog. Now, you can have much more items in your screen all at once!
  • Tycoon bag and Tycoon Orb will now reset your velocity
  • Tycoon Bag, Tycoon Orb, Atomic Bag, Shadow Cloak, Forcefield orb, and Cursed Shadow Cloak can no longer be unequipped if in use or is under a cooldown. This patches exploitable bugs with Atomic Bag (permanent small size, infinitely small size) and the Equip-Use-Unequip-Equip trick to bypass cooldowns.
  • Fixed issue where you can have two playful gift launchers at a time
  • Fixed playful gift launcher having no thumbnail

Update 200102f

  • Fixed issue where the second floor is blocked off by the Wall Upgrade roof. For old servers, the current workaround is to purchase walls or get a jetpack and go outside. No shutdowns for this one.
  • Moved some buttons near the Premium District
  • Plant Train will no longer collide with map props that obstruct the spawner. The driver and everyone on board will still collide with these props however.

Update 200102g

  • Fixed Bagpocalypsebot spawning underground

Update 200102h

  • Bagpocalypse is now buffed (50k Health * # of Players -> 75k Health * # of Players)
  • Bagpocalypse is now twice as big
  • Bagpocalypse Wormhole is 4x wider
  • Doubled Bagpocalypse Event timer (10minutes - > 20 minutes)
  • Bagpocalypse’s Health will now adjust to the number of players.
    • This patches the exploit where the event can be started while there is only one player, and everyone joins afterwards.
  • Icedagger now reduces the walkspeed of the victim by 1/4
  • Icedagger freeze effect will now do 20 damage instead of kill

Update 200102i

  • Balanced Icedagger:
  • Icedagger will no longer permanently reduce the walkspeed of the victim by 1/4
  • Icedagger will now freeze the victim for a few seconds
  • Duration is capped at 10 seconds, depending on the victim’s MaxHealth. At 100 MaxHealth the victim is frozen for 4 seconds
  • Icedagger freeze effect will no longer do 20 damage
  • Icedagger cannot freeze a recently unfrozen enemy for 10 seconds after the ice shatters
  • Reduced Icedagger damage: slashing will now do 25 from 30 damage, lunge will now do 30 from 40 damage
  • Icedagger has a higher headshot bonus than other swords (Normal: x1.35, Icedagger bonus: x1.5)
  • If the enemy has a fire effect on their character or tool, the fire will be extinguished with the icedagger and they won’t get frozen for the hit that extinguished the fire
    • Items such as Anansi’s Fang will still keep the opponent immune from freezing despite their fires extinguished
    • The fire effect will only occur once; once a fire is extinguished the opponent will be vulnerable to freezing even if they have more than one enabled fire effects

Update 200103a

  • Added a new upgrade for the underground! The Industrial Refiner Upgrade apply an extra x1.5-x3 to your ores after being upgraded by the Industrial Refiner which does x1.7-4.8. Your ores will now be able to get x2.55 to a whopping x14.4 upgrade with the new Industrial Refiner Upgrade!
  • Fixed PlaYful Launcher not being awarded upon purchase
  • Fixed playful launcher not being equippable
  • Fixed industrial refiner model being off by a few studs
  • Reduced price of the Industrial Refiner from 500000000000 to 100000000000

Update 200104a

  • Tons of balancing for Melee Weapons
  • Nerfed Sword (Lunge DMG: 15)
  • Nerfed Shadow Blade (Slash Damage: 20 -> 10, Lunge DMG: 50 -> 15)
  • Nerfed Snowman Sword (Slash: 10 -> 7, Lunge: 30 -> 17)
  • Nerfed Winter Greatsword (Slash: 30 -> 20, Lunge: 50 -> 30)
  • Nerfed Skeleton Scythe (WalkSpeed Penalty: -5 -> -9, JumpPower Penalty: 0 -> -50)
  • Nerfed Shadow Katana (Slash: 10 -> 7, Lunge: 20 -> 14)
  • Nerfed Shadow Dancer flying ability (Forces have been halved)
  • Nerfed Shadow Dancer (Slash: 30 -> 10, Lunge: 50 -> 15)
  • Nerfed Batwing Scythe (Slash: 20 -> 18, Lunge: 40 -> 28, Jump Penalty: 0 -> -10)
  • Buffed Batwing Scythe (WalkSpeed Penalty: -5 -> -3)
  • Nerfed Blizzard Butcher (Lunge: 40 -> 36, Speed: +3 -> 0)
  • Nerfed Blizzard Blade (Slash: 40 -> 20, Lunge: 60 -> 30)
  • Nerfed Darkheart (Slash: 55 -> 45, Lunge: 85 -> 60)
  • Nerfed Illumina (Lunge: 75 -> 70)
  • Buffed DH & Illumina (Speed: +4 -> +8, Speed: +3 -> +8)
  • Nerfed Candy Cane Sword (Lunge: 30 -> 22)
  • Nerfed Crowbar (Speed: +3 -> 0, Lunge: 30 -> 25)
  • Nerfed Frying Pan (Lunge: 30 -> 24)
  • Nerfed Machete (Lunge: 30 -> 24, Speed: +3 -> +2)
  • Nerfed Hammer (Lunge: 30 -20)
  • Nerfed Banhammer (Slash: 25 -> 15, Lunge: 50 -> 30)
  • Balanced Knife (Slash: 50 -> 30, Lunge: 70 -> 50, Speed: +3 -> +6)
  • Greatsword, Hammer & Winter Greatsword will now make opponents sit upon hit
  • Nerfed Icedagger (Slash: 25 -> 18, Lunge: 30 -> 23)
  • Pastel Green, Pastel Yellow, and Pastel Pink sparkles are now regular items from the Shop!
  • Banhammer will now only explode once every three seconds
  • Walking up the island stairs should now be smoother
  • Radioactive Processor explosion effects are temporarily disabled. For the meantime, the Radioactive Processor upgrade part will change color instead to indicate a negative effect was applied,
  • Updated RNG of Radioactive Processor
  • Fixed Winter Greatsword tool having the same thumbnail as the Snowman Sword
  • Fixed stack of baseplates not having a thumbnail
  • Fixed Jolly Gift being unanchored
  • The Balloon Series have been added to the Tycoon Bux Catalog!!! Get the different Balloons for only 12,500 Tycoon Bux.
  • Retired the Green Balloon (2018). It can no longer be purchased and can no longer be obtained from Weapon Chests.

Update 200104b

  • Fixed UI not working

Update 200104c

  • Fixed balloons not being equippable
  • This update is live in all servers!
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Update 200105a

  • Buffed Golden Boxes (Now guaranteed to give Rare+ items)
  • Orange Balloon should now look more orange than red now
  • Fixed the colors of the global event broadcasts not being alternating green-red
  • Global event broadcasts are now in Gotham Bold
  • Fixed Moderators not having free broadcasts
  • Fixed 2018 Green Balloon not being taken out of the Catalog
  • Reduced balloon price from 12.5k to 10k

Update 200105b

  • Fixed Golden Bags giving common and uncommon items since Update 200105a
  • Potentially fixed a reported bug with jetpacks having flame effect even if not used
  • This update has been published as of 2:02 PM GMT and is live in new servers only
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Update 200202a

  • Handmade Gift of the Masters and the PlantStudios 2019 Christmas Present is now unobtainable
  • The Handmade Gift has opened!!! Go in-game now and open your gift!
  • Yellow Shard is no longer be required to obtain Blue and Green shards
  • Gold-laced Gift now has a lower height requirement
  • Resilient Gift now deals less damage
  • Mythicals will no longer be broadcasted in #unboxes
  • Gift Launchers will now no longer cause explosions

Update has been published in all servers as of 12:00 UTC

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