Ore Tycoon 2 | The Beautiful Update

This post includes the patch notes for the Ore Tycoon 2 Beautiful Update, and will also include all non-major update patch notes afterwards.


At long last, a new Ore Tycoon 2 update is finally here! And it isn’t just some regular update—it’s a beautiful, BEAUTIFUL update packed with TONS of new features, improvements, and fixes!

The Beautiful Update Patch Notes


  • :pray: Ore Tycoon 2 has been blessed with new and improved interface designs, packed with new features, improved cross-platform compatibility, and user-friendliness!
    • The three main screens/menus of Ore Tycoon now sports a new consistent rounded design with a protruding title bar and off-menu close button!
    • :wrench: Settings now have a dual-column design and is packed with more features than ever!
      • Game Settings have been split into three categories: Gameplay, Visuals, and Audio
      • Wanted the game to not treat you like a baby anymore by giving you occasional advices and tips? You can now turn it off from the Visual Settings!
      • Wish you can see the Ore Limit on the bottom right? Wish granted with the new option to do just that, located in the Visual Settings! Off by default.
      • Device screens and interface size preferences aren’t the same for every device and person, so we’re adding a new Interface Size setting for you to change your interface size! Choose between three predefined options: Small, Medium, and Huge.
        • Defaults to Medium for PC and Console, and Huge to Tablets and Phones.
        • We might give you more options for sizes in the future if the demand for this feature is huge
      • FAQ is now rebranded as the “HELP” Section, complete with tons of new questions and new answers for your most frequently asked questions.
    • :headphones: Featuring the ALL-NEW AUDIO PLAYER!
      • Want to know what song you’re listening to? The new audio player will now tell you that!
      • The Mute Music button / switch has been removed… because the Volume Slider is here! Set your music’s volume from 1 - 100. Your choice!
      • Added three new songs: Evanbear1 - Main Theme (Ore Tycoon 2 Original Game Soundtrack), Paul Keane - Excite (from TakeTones; CC4.0 Attributions International), and Paul Keane - Bring Me The World (from TakeTones; CC4.0 Attributions International)
      • Introducing the new “Add old songs to queue” option! This option allows you to disable TakeTones music or to add them to your queue.
        • The looped Main Theme will now be the default music for new players!
        • If you played before this update, this option will be on by default. Meaning you don’t have to do anything extra to keep on hearing the old music!
      • Want to skip the current song to jam on the next one, or go back to the last song? Say no more with the new Previous and Next buttons!
        • If you have queue off, these buttons will reset the Main Theme to 0:00 instead (and skip the current song if it isn’t the Main Theme!).
      • This is just part one of the many improvements to come to our Audio Player, so stay tuned :wink: (got it? no? okay)
    • :speech_balloon: We want to hear from all of you, but sometimes things get drowned by the number of Feedbacks we receive every day! That’s why we’ve reworked the Feedback System and added Feedback Categories to help sort out the feedback.
      • :bug: Want to inform us of an ugly bug? We now have a Bug Report feedback category to give your bug report a priority.
      • :grin: Just want to suggest the usual, or send us a few compliments to brighten up out day? No problem! The Suggestions/Feedback category is still here for you.
    • Added a new bar on the top of the Research Shop to keep things organized and clean!
      • Tycoon Bux is now displayed in the Research Shop on that new bar. No more closing the screen just to check your wallet!
    • Added a new friendly message in the Inventory if you don’t have any items that belong to that category. :slightly_smiling_face:
  • :microscope: Added a new Science Item: The Radioactive Refiner! This item has an overall higher multiplier and less risks of negative effects compared to its predecessor, the Radioactive Processor.
  • :sun_with_face: New lighting! It looks suuuuuuper cool, we promise.
  • :lipstick: Some of the items have received a nice facelift!
    • The Alexandrite, Jade, Lapis lazuli, Adurite, Azurite and Firecrystal mines; the Third Ore Cleaner, and the Cosmic Towers (previously Cosmic Upgrader) has been remade by shadow2081
    • The Uranium Mine, Starry Gate, and Scandium Mine has been remade by auxinite
    • The Advanced Refiner has been remade by Vonekorn
    • The Moonstone Mine has been remade by yugum2009 and veerakorn884
    • The Garnet Mine has been remade by KanoZ
    • Recolored the Sunstone Mine
    • More remodels are coming in the next major update! Be ready :eyes:
  • :jack_o_lantern: The Halloween Mines and Upgrader from 2018 are now finally in-game as skins for existing mines! Sorry for the long wait!
    • We understand that some of you may not like to use the skins. We will add a way to unequip such skins in the near future.
  • Added new code to support the features!!!.. and also new codes for Tycoon Bux, like “BeautifulUpdate1” for 500 Tycoon Bux. Go go go!
  • :star: Added cool new prompts to purchase the VIP Pass when you try to use VIP Features. And it’s compatible on all platforms!

Changes and Improvements

  • :desert_island: We heard your feedback and it is clear—now, the pre-Holidays 2019 Update map is back, this time featuring the islands from the new map!
  • :floppy_disk: Goodbye “Save Settings” button: Settings Autosave is here! No more need to click a button just to get your preferences to be saved and remembered by the game. (except for Level of Detail. you still need to click the button for that. we don’t want you to accidentally click FULL and crash and never be able to cast your eyes upon your beautiful mining refinery empire ever again.)
  • :computer: Continuation of the interface redesign:
    • :star: Improved the Featured screen!
      • Chances and prizes will now be shown by clicking the ? button.
      • For PC: Chances and prizes will update when you hover over the ? button of different bags
      • Item tiers that can’t be obtained from a bag tier will no longer be shown in the prizes screen.
      • No more awkward space on the scrollbars of the prize tiers; the scrollbar will dynamically change sizes depending on the number of items and the size of your screen!
      • Item Tiers scrollbars are now larger
    • :school_satchel: Improved the Inventory screen!
      • Equipped items are now colored green in the Inventory! No more clicking on each of your items just to know which is equipped and which isn’t.
    • :money_with_wings: Improved the Tycoon Bux Catalog screen!
      • Shortened “Tycoon Bux Catalog” to be just “Catalog”.
      • You can now equip purchased Chat Icons and Chat Tags from the Tycoon Bux Catalog if they’re onsale.
      • Changed owned text: “This item is available in your inventory.” → “This item is in your inventory.”
    • Sizing adjustments
    • Left-aligned a lot of text
    • :microscope: Improved the Research Screen!
      • Instead of showing “LVL x/yy” on the buttons of the Research upgrades for PC & Console to indicate the level of that research upgrade, it will now only say “x/yy” for all platforms.
      • Some text are now uppercase
      • “FOR SCIENCE!” and Cheat Research buttons have been swapped positions and are now smaller
    • :gear: Improved the Settings screen!
      • Map Level of Detail is now smaller; options are now arranged in a straight line rather than a two-line rectangle
      • VIP Features are no longer hidden for non-VIP players; attempting to use it will instead prompt you to purchase VIP.
      • Purchasing VIP in-game will now be applied instantly for Broadcasts and Ore Worth Indicator. If purchased onsite, please allow up to ten seconds.
      • VIP Ore Worth Indicator setting changes now apply instantly
      • Improved switches!
        • Switches are now found on the right side of their respective settings instead of left side
        • Changed text for a lot of settings to be clearer/less confusing (“Shaders → Enable shaders” and more)
        • Switches can now be toggled by clicking on the part of the switch that isn’t the button
    • :video_game: Improved Mobile and Gamepad Compatibility
      • Game is now more responsive when playing Ore Tycoon 2 on a non-Console while having a Gamepad connected
      • Hotbar and chat will be disabled when a screen (Settings/Shop/Research) is open for Phone devices
      • The interface is now more gamepad and mobile compatible overall
      • Padding now looks better across different device screen sizes.
    • Redesigned Starter Pack interface
      • Starter Pack button is now less intrusive
      • Made Starter Pack more gamepad-friendly
    • Several scrolling improvements
      • Elements will now take over the scrollbar’s space if the scrollframe is not scrollable, and will adjust when scrollable.
      • Say no to scrolling fatigue—more icons can now fit in at a single time at most or all scrolling frames!
  • :office: Refinery improvements
    • Ore Tycoon 2 now uses a numerical ID system for the refinery items, resulting in smaller data size. Your data will be automatically converted into this one.
    • Clicking the Pizza Mine (1st Copper Mine skin) oven will now also make you equip the pizza instead of just placing the pizza on your inventory. Yay for Pizza!
    • First Wall’s windows now have a thicker hitbox, making jumping on the small window ledge to the top of the wall no longer possible
    • Players with boosted jump power and jetpacks are still able to go over the first wall however.
    • The Event Items Conveyor has been remodeled and is now located on top of the Armory
    • The Retro Mine of Alpha item is now a skin for the second Copper Mine instead of a standalone item.
      • Retro ores now have the same cash/drop rate as the Copper ores.
    • The Bagverse Refiner item is now a skin for the Third Ore Cleaner instead of a standalone item.
    • The 1M Mine of Pure Awesomeness is now a skin for the Gold Mines instead of a standalone item
      • 1M Mine ores now have the same cash/drop rate stats as the Gold ores.
    • Armory Door vertical clearance has been increased to allow taller packages to get in
    • Optimized Mithril Mine
    • Optimized collisions of Glowing Anthracite Mine, Raindrop Mine
    • Moved the first conveyor’s upgraders to make it look less cluttered
  • Science Item unbox announcement now sends to everyone 3 seconds later
  • Obtaining Bronze, Silver, Gold, and Event Achievements is no longer broadcasted to everyone.
  • Changed sand colors
  • Tweaked island models
  • Moved some refinery purchase buttons
  • Moved the Mechanical Generator to be closer to the Mechanical Ore Quality Upgrader’s button
  • Lowered Broadcast price from 2.5k to 1k
  • Improve your wallet by redeeming this special code "BEAUTIFULPATCHNOTES”. First 25 only!
  • Obtaining the Welcome achievement will no longer play a victory sound
  • You now have a small faint light on your character during the night to accompany you in the dark
    • You won’t be able to see the faint light from the characters of other players
  • Various code optimizations
  • Internal changes/rewrites


  • :test_tube: Significantly reduced Research Tycoon Bux requirements. You’re welcome.
  • :video_game: Changes with game progression
    • Early-game upgraders are now worth more
    • Prices of District 1 mines have been reduced.
    • Walls are now 90-99% cheaper
    • The Owner Door is now 99% cheaper ($500,000 → $5,000)
    • Conveyor Walls are now A LOT cheaper
    • Expansions (District 2) are now cheaper
    • Sliced the Industrial Refiner price by half
    • Buffed Industrial Refiner Upgrade
  • Snowy Gravity Coil now functions just like a regular Gravity Coil but with the same old snow effect
  • 1 Golden Mystery Bag is now better than 6.6 Regular Mystery Bags. i did the math this time now please stop bullying the golden mystery bag
    • Lowered price of Golden Mystery Bags from 5k to 3k
  • Buffed Mythical Bag: Chances raised from LGDY 50% MYTH 35% XMYT 15% to LGDY 40% MYTH 40% XMYT 20%
  • Nerfed Crate Rains: lowered spawn rate from 1safe/.4-1s to 1safe/.6-1.2s
  • Reduced range of crate rain durations from 60-90 seconds to 60-75 seconds
  • Buffed Crate Storms: increased spawn rate from .4-1s to .2-.8s (storms are now stormier than before)
  • Nerfed Crate Storms: reduced range of duration from 80s-180s to 80s-150s
  • Reverted safe spawn rate
  • Halved Tycoon Bux obtained from Achievements (you used to get 1k, 5k, 10k, 25k, 50k every achievement arranged per tier (bronze-emerald). they HAD to be nerfed. sorry!)
    • Reduced Tycoon Bux award of Hasta La Vista from 7.5k to 1k
  • Reduced prices of multiple Tycoon Bux Catalog items
  • Nerfed Plant Train speed
  • Nerfed Bagpocalypse Bot
    • Reduced Bagpocalypse Bot fighting time from 20m to 10m
    • Defeating Bagpocalypse Bot will no longer summon a Natural Crate Rain
  • The 10M Diamond Excavator and 25M Diamond Excavator no longer have the -0.05s button cooldown buff
  • Nerfed Bagverse Refiner: before, if you had the Third Ore Cleaner you’d get an ore value of (OreValue*2.8 * 2.4) + 240. Because the two items are now the same, you will now only get (OreValue * 2.8).


  • Unboxing Mythicals will no longer show a second “Player unboxed a Mythical ItemName” message in chat.
  • Optimized Skyscraper Mine model and fixed some small issues with its model
  • Fixed subtle issues with first floor Refinery conveyors
  • Fixed Flower Crossbow grip
  • Fixed Teleporter to Island Expansion not facing the correct way
  • Fixed shadow2081’s head going straight through the headrest
  • Fixed bullets being blocked by the second floor staircase
  • Fixed nighttime having the color shift value for daytime and vice-versa
  • Fixed Mine/Excavator skins having the original drop part
  • Fixed Mine/Excavator skins dropping ores from a different position instead of the intended position
  • Fixed error that occurs when you own a mine skin
  • Fixed issue where Tycoon Bux Catalog will always say “EQUIP” for equippables even if they’re already equipped
  • Fixed issue where client messes up checking equipped items when the player does not have one or more item classes equipped
  • Fixed Equip button not updating to the correct state if you selected the same item in Tycoon Bux Catalog and Inventory, equip/unequip it in one of those screens, and then go back to the other.
  • Applied the new despawn code used in normal-dropped safes to rain- and storm-dropped safes. This fixes the issue of rain-dropped and storm-dropped safes disappearing quickly
  • Fixed Mythical Bag refund (5000 → 1500 (nonVIP), 3000 (VIP))
  • Fixed some switches not having sounds when toggled
  • Fixed issue where the equipped status of the Booster Scooter does not update correctly upon buying the Starter Pack on the client
  • Fixed Broadcast screen not enabling immediately after buying VIP or spending 1,500 Robux
  • Fixed numerous gamepad compatibility issues with selection
  • Fixed some supposedly non-selectable elements being selectable
  • Improved security
  • Fixed issue where Plant Train has higher top speed once respawned
  • Fixed Equip button not updating to the correct state if you selected the same item in Tycoon Bux Catalog and Inventory, equip/unequip it in one of those screens, and then go back to the other.
  • Fixed issue where Tycoon Bux Catalog will always say “EQUIP” for equippable items even if they’re equipped
  • Fixed issue where client messes up checking equipped items when the player does not have one or more item classes equipped


  • Removed unused secret assets. meh
  • Removed the save settings button. goodbye manual saving, autosaving is the FUTURE
  • Removed spawning in Island Refinery upon joining due to issues
    • This will be brought back in a future update.

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Preceding Update:

Succeeding Update:

2020 — Week 25 Updates

Update 061820a / Update 061920a

  • Fixed an issue with Refineries (may or may not fix Solo mode bug)
  • Fixed xMythicals being unobtainable
  • Fixed Welcome Achievement being unobtainable
  • Fixed autosave still functioning even though player already left the server
  • Errors for loading tycoons are no longer muted internally

Update 061920a

  • Re-enabled our notifier whenever someone gets force-teleported to Solo Mode due to full slots

Update 061920b

  • Internal: Error tracker now ignores failed sound/animation load errors
  • Tycoon loading will no longer fail completely when an item can’t be found
  • Changed how the game handles floor reservations. This should fix the issue. (Please note that this does not fix the issue that causes this issue)

Update 061920c

  • Fixed something

Update 061920d

  • Another important bugfix

Update 062020a

  • Fixed errors with purchasing VIP in-game and hitting Robux Spent milestones
  • Fixed some errors that occur upon leaving
  • Internal fixes
  • Fixed 1M Mine of Pure Awesomeness skin being applied for owning Pizza Mine skin
  • Fixed error with sending feedback
  • Potentially fixed Refinery Managers upgrade not working sometimes
  • Fixed game having two scripts that load the Refinery

2020 — Week 26 Updates

Update 062120a

  • Fixed issue where buying the Second Floor between 5-11 seconds after purchasing the Second Wall will cause the roof to not disappear
  • Fixed issue where buying the Third Wall Upgrade will not remove the roof
  • There is no more delay in the removal of the roof after buying the Second Floor/Third Wall Upgrade
  • Fixed an issue
  • The game will print a warning whenever it gets sent a signal that says you have the Item Requirements in Dev Console
  • Game will print a warning if you don’t have the item requirement in Dev Console
  • Fixed gray sand on Island Expansion conveyor

Update 062220a

  • Fixed Radioactive Refiner floating
  • Fixed Calcium Mine (Scandium Mine skin) dropping ores worth a lot less than intended

Update 062520a

  • Reverted safe drop rate back to the old pre-Holidays 2019 rate
  • Nerfed safe drop rate for Solo Mode
  • Research Level 2 cash requirement increased from $5T to $25T
  • Possibly fixed the Research issue
  • Fixed Radioactive Refiner description
  • Fixed Copper Mine buttons being partially inside the copper mine base