[OS Game] Survival Game Prototype

Since I finally can write to the Forums and be a big fan of open-source projects and just contributing to community resources did I wanted to introduce you guys to my Survival Game Prototype.

The project has been created long ago and a big help was one of my personal friends Wantsome555.

Today this project is being revamped for my Roblox course and that’s perfect to get you guys a head start making your own survival game.

So what is included within the game?

Inventory System
Crafting System
Resource Gathering
Building System
Armor System that uses 3d models as armor pieces.

Have a look at the video down below to get an idea of what the game is about!

The code itself is poorly commented but with some reading, it sure can get you started making your first games.

You can download the game down below!
Survival Game Prototype.rbxl (132.8 KB)

If there is any question’s then be sure to let me know as I am happy to help out!


This is super awesome! For really anyone learning how to do this stuff, this is sure to be super informative and a great reference for scripters designing their own such systems!

Nice post!

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Thank you so much, your amazing!


I am planning to do more posts and to open source games.

You welcome!

Enjoy the prototype and be sure to pass by a link to your creation as I love to check it out!

Thank you, open source games have helped me the most in learning to program, I really appreciate stuff like this and it’s well made. Thanks again, and keep up the good work!

This game is aweasome! I learned some scripting bases and now I can practice more because I can! Thank you! :smile:

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