Our game needs urgent help. [Roblox DDOS attacks]

My team of developers and I have worked hard to release a game. When we released the game these people started DDosing our servers and demanded ransom. We know its a ddos attack as most of our servers get listed within unprotected IPs and then go in and ddos these servers. Our remote events are secure and this is not a personal breach this is a straight ddos attack as it doesn’t work in secured servers.

We have already contacted Developer Relations to whitelist us secured servers only and waiting for a response which could take around a month or 2.

Here is a screenshot of what the ddosers told us.

What we are trying to do is set the max player count to 1. Open 5 separate accounts with a VPN near roblox secured servers and then having them on 24/7. The only issue is the games shut down if we increase the player account.

Is there any way we could bypass this or if anyone has any idea what we could do. We have worked really hard on this game and I don’t want the ddosers to win.


It is highly unlikely that it is a true DDos attack, as that would be attacking roblox themselves. Its probably because of unsecured remote events or vulnerabilities in your code.
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Sir I already explained that is not the case. Your roblox game servers are being ddosed? I made a solution

Please make sure to read everything I said. I know for a fact that it is a ddos attack in unprotected game servers. Ive sent you some more sources for proof.

My bad, I did not see it.

your ok, I made a new solution


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