Outage Update: Our Commitment to You

They finally what happened to eligible or not they said can expected for before (outage since Oct 28) and finally recorvery on (november 1) and total 78 hours that causing many people for problems for standing loss what happened to roblox is back for these situations needs to updated for once fully recovery that’s happened issues and won’t be down again

Thank you for understading about since since 8 days ago and finally fully recorvery once again about updated expected for supported happy are need commitment have they are to get fix issue.

Thank you ROBLOX.


I just checked my inbox and got the message, Thank you! :blush:


I got the message, and it definitely was very generous. Thanks Roblox, this was amazing!!


I just want to thank YOU. As long as I’ve been on the internet, my solitude is your domain. That’s a big statement coming from me.


How does it work for people on a % automatic group payout?

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This is great and all, but it would be better if we had offline studio. Still great, though. Thank you!



A huge Thank You to whole Roblox Community! You guys have been working a lot and during the outage, I’m pretty sure the engineers didn’t even take a break and kept on working to get things around the clock! I really am happy and yeah.

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We appreciate the commitment. However, revenue is only a small factor of the particular situation. There are literal topics that suggest an offline mode, which most of us are looking forward to, for the feature to happen.


What happens to the group in which the group owners account is deleted can it be transferred to 2nd in command?

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This is why I appreciate Roblox. :happy3::heart:


Damn, so all that chanting for free robux really worked.

God I wish there was a way to disable trade messages without disabling trade requests completely.

Literally every important message on roblox gets lost in a sea of trade messages…

I just realized how ungrateful that probably came off.

I just wanna say thank you so much for this honestly. I really didn’t expect any sort of compensation, but this is honestly going above and beyond and really shows how much the company respects and cares for the community. :white_heart:


Thank you roblox I own a small group and I have to pay a few developers this helps so much That outage was terrible. I have so much more respect for roblox So thank you

I would recommend making a few alts when you start a group that have all permissions so if your main account gets taken down or deleted you still have access to the group

How much is the compensation? like do we get the average earnings as compensation or random amount?

Woah…good update Roblox…Thanks a lot. I means a lot to us :slight_smile:

Thanks so much for this update on the outage, and especially for the refunds!

My place gained a solid playerbase just a few days before the outage, so I sincerely believe the compensation was underestimated, most likely because of a lower revenue during the rest of October.


Regardless, I am very thankful for this measure. I did not expect it in the first place, considering Roblox itself was just as affected as developers.

Also, having this registered in the “Roblox Adjustments” tab is a very useful feature to keep track of the income in our personal accounts. However, it would be very helpful if this was added to groups’ revenue summary page as well.


Thank you for the 10 free robux, but… do we get 3 more days for all private servers subscriptions (or did we get it refunded) ? Because players lost robux because of this, and not all private servers are cheap.

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Will this Robux count towards DevEx? I got quite a sizeable chunk imo (that I never would have earned btw, and I actually feel kind of bad quietly accepting so much Robux for no reason) and it could have an effect on my DevEx in the future.

I got more Robux refunded that I would’ve probably earned in that time. But I take it :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

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