It should be possible to use Roblox Studio offline

Starting yesterday Roblox Studio has been unable to start during long periods of the day because Roblox’s servers were having trouble. I work using Roblox Studio full-time and this is extremely frustrating.

This prompt sometimes shows up, but you can’t do anything unless logged in:

I also get this error because it requires logging in to use Play-Solo:

(My internet is fine)

Roblox Studio should be able to run offline, or at least be able to run Play-Solo without needing to login. Private team-create servers wouldn’t be a bad idea either. This really needs to be addressed if Roblox is going to scale up and support 100-dev teams. Imagine if Visual Studio had this problem and millions of developers simply couldn’t work :neutral_face:


I talked to David Baszucki directly as well as the studio engineers during RDC about an offline mode. The short answer is “no”, regardless of any various use cases, it won’t happen.

David did say that perhaps an offline “brick building mode” version of studio could be possible in the future, but apart from that… no.


I don’t really see why. If I’m going on holiday and I have barely any wifi then I’d love to still be able to use studio offline. It’s just restricting if anything. I guess it’s technical issues though.


Unions, meshes, textures, sounds, animations, forced updates :man_shrugging:


I agree, offline mode would be fantastic. I could live with the bare-bones of Roblox studio - no HTTP API access, no unions, meshes, textures, sounds, animations, etc…

Just give me access to write and test LUA code in studio while I’m offline, is all I ask! :smiley:


As much as this would be absolutely lovely, it can’t really happen. Most of studio depends on things is accesses from servers. I can’t exactly list off which ones do, but Studio’s functions in general are heavily based off of the web. It has to communicate with documentation for your code, has to “acess” its own hidden http services, and a ton of other stuff. As @Fm_Trick says:

This is basically an offline building-centric version of Roblox.

I don’t believe that nothing can be done to simulate effectively working without internet. For one, Roblox should work more to make its services more stable. It could also help by giving out libraries so we can use our own coding applications to work on stuff – for instance, having a Sublime Text library would help. The “brick building” would help a ton too, so builders can work offline.

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I mean, the outdated rbxlx format is technically open-sourced, so it also would be possible for some dedicated programmer to create an offline editor which can export to the format. It is going to be painstakingly difficult, though.

Other than that, no, Studio will not ever run offline. It is hard to make it do that without rewriting it entirely, given that 70% of Studio only works when connected to Roblox servers.

(Studio also shares a similar codebase to the Player, so not only would it require rewriting Studio, but the Player too.)


Fun fact of the day: Roblox (both studio and player) already cache every http request they make.


I’ve been able to use Roblox Studio offline for years actually, but recently that all changed.

some developers didn't know how you'd do it, but. . .

it was by simply clicking on the RobloxStudioBeta exe within Roblox’s installation Folder…

So a little after the RDC, I updated my Roblox Studio by walking to the Library with my computer, and after coming back. I find this message.

Used to be I’d get the ‘Unable to Connect’ message And I would still get to use Studio in an Offline mode. Now, no matter what I do, I can’t do a thing…

So with the recent update, Roblox has changed my ability to develop. Effectively killing any ability for me to develop games on Roblox.

The solution is simple.
Allow Roblox Studio to operate without needing to Login. (again)

If this isn’t done, this might be the end of any future on Roblox for me or my brother.
We can’t afford Internet, and we were frankly hoping to be able to start paying for it as soon as we succesfully launch our first real project, and start getting at least the bare minimum payout fairly soon after.

But now?
It takes us approx. an hour to walk to the nearest library lugging around our computer equipment so that we could connect to the Internet for updates and such. (weather permitting) This isn’t a good long-term solution for us.

I really hope Roblox will at least consider the few developers like us we are stuck Offline most-of-the-time, and allow us to AT The Very Least use Roblox Studio as we’ve been doing for years.

I’ve contacted Support, got the standard response, and am unsure if they’ll actually do anything about it. (recommend any other like-minded or kind Devs to do the same though)

Thank you for reading.


As a Roblox developer with bad internet access it’s frustrating having to be connected when starting and using Studio, I’m fine with the limitations of not being able to use datastores, get what your avatar currently looks like, use the toolbox, save to Roblox, etc. etc. but I don’t see why we shouldn’t be able to script and build without an internet connection.

If Roblox is able to address this issue, it would improve my development experience because I’ll be able to work on my games regardless whether I have a stable connection at the time I open Studio.

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As a developer who works at home and outside when traveling hours and hours away from a main source of wifi, I think it would be helpful to make Roblox Studio run and function well offline with standards and limits to it, which would be fair enough.

When going out somewhere on a holiday or vacation I always bring my laptop in case I need to work on some updates for a game of mine or do some daily coding as usual as I have nothing to do when I don’t have wifi available anywhere or possibly at a hotel(?). During these times I’m mostly at home a lot and nowhere to go but sometimes the wifi gets cut off or has issues when I’m in the middle of working on something that all could be lost due to that or an Engine issue.

Anyway, having to work offline would be nice but I guess it won’t be too feasible as it is with wifi.