[OUTDATED] EternalCanadianDev | New Builder! COMMS 3/5

Check the most recent version here, this portfolio is outdated: [OUTDATED] EternalCanadianDev's Building Portfolio | One Man Armoury {Guns, Armour and More...} - #18 by EternalCanadianDev

About Me

Hi there! I am offering my services as a builder. I specialize in asset creation. I have been building for the past 4 months and decided its time to open a portfolio!


Here are some screenshots of my work


Shop for @NFLFootballisthebes

These lists will be updated as I get commissioned and or make more projects

Groups I have worked for
  • Ukipa Sushi Bar
  • Strawless
  • Emerald Delights Cafe
People I have worked with
Games I have worked on
  • My own game, Fort Alexandria!
  • Ukipa Sushi Bar
  • Hunters Quest

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I am available for six to eight hours of work on the weekends. You can contact me on the weekends through discord and any time on the developer forum.

**Commisions {0/5}


Doing for free for portfolio work

I charge around 100-5000 for any size low poly build
300-7000 for any size medium poly build
500-10000 for any size high poly build
10-500 per any style asset.

What affects the cost of a build or asset?

Amount of parts or detail of an asset.
The size of the asset
Low, medium or high poly all have different price ranges.


You can contact me here on the Developer Forum or via Discord at
Thanks for reading! :slight_smile:


Your portfolio looks really nice, I have to say. It would be nice to see a price range for your products so people who may consider hiring you can know how much robux they will need before they send you a commission to work on.

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Added more work examples just now! :smile: Thanks for feedback @ScholarOfZoghoLargo I put a price range on assets.

Added more work examples. Commisions still open.

Now free!! Looking to fill my portfolio more. Send me commissions!

I have a commission i would love to have done! :slight_smile:

– Sent a private message.

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Really Recommend him! Always Has Quality in his Builds and hes very Friendly!

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Completed a commission for @NFLFootballisthebes


Still doing free commissions. Hit me up on discord for a free build. EternalCanadianDev#1541

Hey i need 1 more thing, i sent a req on discord. If you cannot accept then message me back in DM’s in developer forum.

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Can you make me a simple sports car body? I just need a relatively good one for a car chassis I’m working on for testing.

EDIT: Canadian, btw.

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I think so. Contact me with details

Should I contact you through Discord or should I DM you here on the forum?

Dm here or on discord. Either works

Still doing free commissioncommissions for portfolio work.

Still looking for portfolio work. Hmu on Discord or here for a commision.

Do you use Blender to do the Military Vehicles? Btw they are super nice builds I am also a builder but I’m trying to learn how to use Blender.

I do not use blender that often but I did use some mesh parts since I couldnt make them in studio.