Outfit Loader - How I learned HTTPService better

This is a game I made as a way to learn httpService and other things.
Currently roblox doesn’t allow you to get requests from their API from a roblox game, you need to have a proxy in-between.

This idea is not completely original, this game already had equivalents.


I’m not sure who to credit for this idea, but here’s some stuff I can give credit to:

Being able to get roblox API Requests using a FREE service by Google
API to request them
How to get the HumanoidDescription to wear it

This has taught me ALOT, from HumanoidDescriptions which I did not know the existence of, to HttpService requests using proxys.

There are some stuff I wanna add in, so stay tuned.

Also I need help with something: It’s saying it’s on expiremental mode, when it’s not. That sometimes happends with smallar games I have…


This was open-sourced, I recommend you to look at:

Avatar Outfits Loader Open-Sourced! - Resources / Community Resources - DevForum | Roblox

ah yes, how lovely.
Oufit Testing

Oh lol I just realized I typed it wrong :sweat_smile:

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