Override "Reconnect" UI and API to manually reconnect the user

As a developer, I would like to display custom UI when I shut down my servers for an update.

I may want to direct my users to social media when I shut my game down for an update so that they know what’s new, or assure them that their data was successfully saved by the server before the shutdown occurred.

The new reconnect feature is amazing, but the screen blur effect and the reconnect UI completely covers the game UI, preventing developers from displaying custom shutdown UI. In the past, many developers would hook up to game.OnClose or BindToClose in order to display custom messages to the players. These would often confirm that data has been saved and direct players to social media channels for more information. Developers are no longer able to do this.

As a developer, I want control over the reconnect behavior in my game.

I may want to display a custom reconnect prompt to players, or I may want them to reconnect automatically. In certain places within my game, I may want to reconnect players to a different place than the one they were in.

The ability for users to reconnect to their servers is one of the coolest features that have been added. It would be amazing if developers could continue to use the custom shutdown UIs that they’ve been making for their games while still being able to take advantage of the benefits this feature provides.


Just going to link this thread here since it’s a related feature and engineers might want to see it too, but not close enough to merge the two: