Parkour Ninja Patch (06/15/2018)

Previous patch: Parkour Ninja Patch (05/18/18)

New weapon type added: Heavy Sword
Everyone gets the Heavy Sword added to their inventory for FREE
Attacks much slower than regular sword, different animation, does way more damage

Kunai modifications
Special effects when the kunai hits solid objects
Kunai throwing “reload speed” is higher

New Desert Rogue skin pack
Comes with the first additional skin for heavy swords + kunai and katana skin

Addressing flinging and falling off the map
Maximum velocity is now capped on players, so if you get flung you don’t get sent to the 17th dimension.
If you’re hovering off the map when map changes, you get teleported to the closest edge when you’re dropped back down.

If a player falls off the edge and has been damaged by someone else, a kill credit is given to the person who did the last bit of damage.

Other minor changes:

  • Waterfalls on Jungle are now climbable
  • I believe you’re no longer able to climb the underneath of the map
  • A small yellow marker notifies you of new items in your inventory
  • Clones don’t trip over and fumble on the ground when spawned, and their sounds mimic real players’ sounds more

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