Part-Time Scripter Needed ($30,000 Annually)

Wow, too many people I don’t even need to think about applying :sweat_smile:

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I am interested. My portfolio is right here:

Hello, I am currently interested in taking a part-time job.
If you would like to contact me : Magik Manz#8185 (My Discord).

As for portfolio, I only make games when required and I do not really have anything to show other than 1 single game (I am not allowed to show the other one), I could also make a couple of scripts that you may request for the game as a portfolio if need be.

Here’s the one game, though it’ll be released on 30th. (I can open access)

I would like to apply to this. I have messaged you my portfolio and info.

I’d vouch @Guruu_G for this job, he’s an amazing scripter and one of the best out there. :ok_hand:

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Hi there, I’m interested in helping out. Here’s my portfolio!

I’m interested in knowing more of what you’re looking for.
Discord: Nathaniel.#0001

I can do some python machine learning if needed. Business management as well as algorithm analysis and show detailed graphs using python.

LUA, anti cheat and database specialist, I mainly use Firebase and SQL, I have experience with IK and CFrame inverse properties and gun framework. Can setup webhooks do discord, fire base admin SDK, sql, and google docs. Can do tween service and http service. If you need proof message me on discord I don’t feel comfortable posting some of my private work on public forums.
I am also at mastery with ray casting and bullet drop calculations, And projectile motion.

Can use C# to database and organised information on website and also find patterns in data.

I am also currently learning how to use C++ and Java.

Discord: Cliffon#2633

Hello I can go for lower price.

Is your game botted? Because this looks strange to me.
Screenshot (186)


You can still favorite the game even if you haven’t played it, plus she said that she hyped their fans and probably they found the game and favorited the game.

I am aware its possible but it just doesnt seem right to me.

Yeah but if they hyped fans then the game would get a lot more visits than 58.

Clearly botted.

How would it get more vists than 58 if the game is private? I think you all are clearly over looking that two giant YouTube channels were linked. Obviously there is going to be a massive amount of favorites.


Interesting. Would love to and the timing seems perfect.

Hey! I may be interested
Could we discuss this furthermore please

Here is my portofolio (make sure you check it out, my contact infos are in there as well)

Sent an email to your business account as well as a DM, and I will leave my links here as well.

My most recent game project:

My portfolio:

If you would like to see any of the games I have made systems for, I can give you those as well. Thank you for your consideration!

Is there an age requirement for this job?

I’m interested although my portfolio doesn’t give much. Still would hope to show some work VIA Discord.

Shes a youtuber so she prob told her fans about the game!

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