PartHollow - make hollow parts and effortlessly create buildings

Builders, this plugin is for you!

The PartHollow plugin allows you to select a part and convert it into a hollowed out shape made of 6 separate sides. Its primary purpose is for making buildings and other architecture - which is why it has the option to customize wall thickness, parent all sides to a model, etc.

Before you take the plugin, please consider its limitations

  • Applying the plugin to rotated parts may have buggy results
  • If you hollow out spheres or wedges, it will treat them as if they are box-shaped and will form the walls based on their bounding box

see it in action!

Other features

  • Easy configuration of wall thickness
  • Option to parent the walls to a model
  • Each wall is a direct clone of the original part, so it keeps any decals or textures you had on the original.
  • option to destroy the original part after hollowing it

link to the plugin →


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FINALLY!!! YES!!! (a bit late tho)

Anyways, thanks a ton dude. This is gonna save me a lot of time