High-Quality R15 Gun Animations

I’ve noticed a lack of high-quality gun animations in the toolbox, so I decided to make some!

This was previously a free model, but I recently revamped all the animations to look smoother and more satisfying. To use these animations, open them with the animation editor and export them to your liking. All animations are set to the appropriate AnimationPriority.

Animation Previews:

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Definitely would use this in a game. This is the kind of quality animation I would expect to see from a commission, not an open sourced animation. Thanks for the animation!


Sorry a bit of nitpicking but the limbs aren’t rotated correctly, maybe fix that and then update?


Neat-o, these animations are great. I’d most likely use them in my shooter games


Not sure if I did anything wrong (I don’t think I did) however the reloading for the pistol is different, seems as if the right hand gets stuck in one position.

Also the transition from reloading to holding appears different as well

Edit: fixed the issue. Turns out the reload animation that is loaded when you open the animation editor is the incorrect one.


Those animations are really appealing, but as @Syharaa said, the lower arm is rotated incorrectly. Lower arms should only be rotated along the x axis.

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As @Xelia4 said, be sure to use the correct animations and not the pre-loaded autosave. If you took the model right after the post was created, please re-insert it as I have made some slight changes (mostly bug fixes).

@kojocrash and @Syharaa Could you PM me a gif of what you are talking about? I’m having trouble replicating the bug.

Do you plan on releasing more animations? (ie. Running, Walking ect)

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Keep up the great work, it looks incredible good. I can say I would definitely use in my game. Thanks for providing high quality animations for guns. I always had trouble with them, especially for R15 avatars. :wink:

This was kind of a spontaneous idea, but since people found it useful I think I might release some more in the future.



As you can see, in the video (above) i’m rotating the lower arm on the wrong axis.

In this video, the lower arm is being rotated correctly.

Looks cool!
Keep up the great work! :smiley:

What animation tool is that?

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Moon Animation Suite, it’s a plugin

@Syharaa @kojocrash I’ve fixed the incorrect arm rotations. The OP has been edited to display the updated versions, and the model has been updated.




That’s really amazing if you finished it. :slightly_smiling_face:

These have got to be the best gun animations that I have seen on Roblox.

This is such a great contribution to the community, and for free?!

I’d definitely would use this in a game, and know others who would do so as well. I think it is a good replacement for the old gun animation free models that were available with R6 models.

Glad to see someone providing resources for newer and veteran developers. Keep it up!

Mind explaining how to attach an actual gun to the animation.

Take your gun’s handle, put a Motor6d in it, set part one to the RightHand and set part two to Handle, then parent the gun to a humanoid model.