[Permanently Closed] Lessons from Advanced Scripter | Moonvane

Hi everyone!

My name is Moonvane and I have been scripting on Roblox for 3 years now.

As of now, I am offering my services to teach Lua ranging from those who know nothing of Lua to advanced scripters that want to learn more in-depth of how to make certain items or how certain things work.

I can teach any subject at all to you, ranging from extremely basic concepts to advanced, first-person camera gun systems!

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Pricing Details

Because of my upcoming game, I will only be charging R$1000 for a full tutorial on all the concepts of Roblox Lua. Donations are also greatly appreciated.


I am usually available every afternoon for lessons, but if I am busy I will be sure to let you know when I can get back to you.


As of now, contact me on the DevForum through DMs.

Thanks :grin:


Hey! Please contact me via my discord. 卄ㄩ几ㄒ乇尺#3768