Person replied to you notification keeps coming

Around a day ago, BuildThomas replied to one of my posts. I got a notification and clicked it. Even though I clicked it, I keep getting the same notification.


I thought I had seen this somewhere before, but couldn’t find it. Huh.

But this hasn’t happened to me, so just for some users.

Can confirm. I believe the “Watching” notification level is broken (gonna report on meta later probably if I can repro there), since I would get notifications from users I follow even though the reply is hours old. First I blamed the follow plugin for being broken but turns out it’s not the plugin. Happened in #forum-feedback (which I have set to watching) with a staff member reply and I don’t follow them.

Only way I solved it was setting the thread notification level to Normal.

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yeah i’ve been getting the same about a reply by someone called Quoteory, it’s been a week

Happened to me not too long ago, received notifications about a reply, clicked on them and they wouldn’t go away, receiving the same notification.

I don’t quite remember how it had been resolved or what I had done, but it went away for me shortly after.

Yup, this happens all the time. It is a duplicate, direct the responses here as well:

It must have to do with the watching level as @sjr04 said, it only happens when those topics are on watching.

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We’re keeping an eye on this, looks like either Discourse or discourse-follow plugin has a bug that causes post alerts to be partially failing and retrying, which causes this to happen.


Yep, this is now happening to me. So it might be spreading.

@Hooksmith It’s not the following system as the person who keeps showing up is someone who isn’t followed. This is the second time that it’s happened with another user. Everytime I pull up the forum, it appears.


The following system hooks into all post alerts, so regardless if you’re following a particular user or not, the issue can still occur if the poster has any followers.


i have a feeling it’s the follow plugin too, i set a category to watching on discourse meta but i didnt get duplicate notifications.


nooooo its happening again but with you

I keep getting a notification that you replied to me

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bro i keep getting notifications for this reply. in the last 10 minutes i’ve gotten 3 notifications for it.

and i’ve gotten a couple for this in the last few minutes, when i’ve already seen and dismissed it: We Need an Underage (13) User Detection Bot - #9 by sjr04

i do not follow incapaz, i do watch the topics, but i’ve already been notified for these replies


It’s happening for Hooksmith now lol


@Ty_IsHomeSchooled @Sentross

I made that post, a day later moderated by DET…

Search before posting? I didn’t find it when I looked it up.
And the post that was said to be duplicated has no solution.


The discourse-follow developers are fixing this issue. We already applied a fix they provided in the maintenance just then, but looks like they forgot to update one other area in their code base. (The issue should already be much less pronounced, though)

I’ll update the topic once their next fix goes through which should fix it altogether.


This is now entirely resolved.

(PS: I retried some failed PostAlert jobs a few minutes ago and these all succeeded normally this time with the latest version. You might have gotten the last few duplicate notifications from that. From this point there will be no new duplicates.)