Pinewood Builders Game Rules


Pinewood Builders

Pinewood Builders is a group on Roblox, owned by Tokaisho. It aims to provide an enjoyable experience for everyone. This includes an endless array of subgroups with countless things to do, both in-game and in the community servers.

This document is here to help explain the rules all players are expected to follow to maintain an enjoyable, calm, and welcoming experience for players across the globe.

image Do not fear, for we do not exist.
Pinewood deploys a game moderation team known as the Pinewood Intelligence Agency, whose job it is to maintain stability across all official Pinewood facilities and guilds.

Please remember, we are not moderators for Roblox, we assist as much as we can by properly sending valid reports of players breaking the Community rules to Roblox over the Report-Abuse system

Game Rules

  • Make sure to follow the Roblox Community Rules at all times!

  • Exploiting is forbidden and will lead to an immediate game ban, upwards of a global group ban, if caught.
    – This includes third-party programs, such as Lua injectors/executors and macros. 3rd party programs designed to give you an advantage over others that is not already in-game will be treated as an exploit. Anything that can damage or hurt the server infrastructure can be considered an exploit.
    EXCEPTION: Use of FPS unlockers or auto-clickers does not warrant a gameban.
    See the “Autoclicker” rule for more information
    – Getting caught exploiting, moderators are allowed to run just about any command on your client.
    Be warned.
    – Appealing an exploit ban is difficult and rare to go through
    – Please remember, if you do appeal, be aware that we have evidence for exploit bans and can dispute most claims of “I wasn’t exploiting so unban me”.

  • Spawns are meant as a safe zone, attacking other players in them is unwelcomed and will lead to warnings; leading up to a kick/ban depending on severity and occurrence.
    – Camping outside of a zone is frowned upon and still considered spawn killing (SK).

  • Mass-Random Killing (MRK) is forbidden. Do not attack other players without a valid reason in mass.

More Details on MRK rule

– Clearing entire rooms of PBST/PET/TMS as a neutral is not considered abusive if they are consistently messing with core controls.
— Attacking PBST/PET/Pro-Core as TMS/anti-core, or the other way around is not considered abusive.
EXCEPTION: Attacking divisional attendees (applies to everyone) in an STS area before/after an official event can be considered abusive. Before and after can be considered the host briefing attendees before the event starts and/or in the process of dismissing them. NOTE: PBCC offers hosts divisional protection when the host is standing on the podium and attendees are in the STS line. This prevents public weapons from dealing damage.
– Attacking players interfering in melt/freeze/stable is not considered abusive
—i.e. Player1 turns off all fans during a freeze down; you are free to attack them. If you want, you can inform them of your core objective and that you will attack them if they continue.
– Repeatedly attacking a singular person/group of people who do not fight back and are not an active threat (targeting them) can be considered abusive.
– Purposefully driving nuke trains to places near spawn or under PET room and detonating them with the intent of killing players in STS/safe zones can be considered abusive.
– Catching someone on fire isn’t exactly considered abusive but please avoid doing it to people leaving a spawn zone.
– If someone randomly attacks you, you are free to attack back no matter the location as it is in the name of self-defense. This does not give you a reason to constantly attack them if they are near you; just be weary of their presence.
This does not cover everything; just because something might not be exactly listed here doesn’t mean it is allowed. Moderators do have the final say in these situations. If you have to ask yourself “am I allowed to do this?”, it likely isn’t.
– You may be issued a weapon ban if you violate these rules; see more information below in the Pinewood Weapon Ban section.

  • Autoclickers are not against the rules unless used as a way to bypass Roblox Anti-AFK. Moderators are allowed to kick AFK-ing players who are attempting to stay longer than designed while AFK.
    – However, using an auto-clicker to spam tools in an attempt to annoy other players can be removed from the game. This would fall under harassment.

  • Members are requested to be respectful with other players, hurtful and disrespectful comments will lead to an in-game mute, and report abuses being sent to Roblox to be dealt with by Roblox moderation. Repeat offenders may be banned.

  • Users with user/display names that bypass the filter to project slurs or other inappropriate phrases will be reported to Roblox and banned from the game.

  • Users with inappropriate clothing that is meant to bypass the Roblox ToS will be reported to Roblox and banned from the game until the clothing item in question is deleted by Roblox.

  • Pinewood Builders has several subdivisions that can provide tools/weapons to members of those subdivisions. Members receiving tools from their subdivision are to follow the handbook from the respective subdivision. The official group handbooks can be found here on the DevForum (PBST, TMS, and PET respectively)

  • Users who join to raid with others are asked to follow game rules. Raids that are not following game rules will lead to moderation being taken against the group in question.

  • Please keep the chat free of unwelcomed spam, this includes scams and advertisements. You can be muted if repeatedly warned.

  • Filter bypasses are unwelcome. This will lead to a mute and report to Roblox.

  • Do not impersonate any member of the Pinewood community. This includes pretending to be an administrator in-game or pretending to be another user.

  • Evading someone with moderator powers can lead to harsher punishments, it is best to listen and talk with them if they do pull you aside or warn you.

  • Bypassed audios are not allowed to be played using boomboxes in PB facilities. A bypassed audio can be the following: Audio that is inappropriate, overtly loud, or purely made to annoy those around you. You may receive a Boombox Ban for repeat infractions. These bans make it so others cannot hear your music, just yourself.

  • Racist, discriminating, and offensive content are strictly prohibited in the in-game Roblox voice chat. If you are caught breaking this rule you will be game banned and a report to Roblox will be made.

If something is not listed here, it does not mean it is necessary allowed. Moderators have the final say in situations.

If you believe a Pinewood Moderator, or a person granted moderator powers from another subgroup, is abusing their elevated permissions, report the abuse case with evidence to someone above the individual in terms of rank.


PB Kronos employs a server-side detection system to detect some common exploits.
If you are banned for exploiting, chances are there is additionally an automated flag associated with your ban. All actions detected are not publicly listed for security reasons.

PBCC features an additional anti-teleport system designed to limit movement for teleport exploiters, and while not perfect, it does not rely on things like magnitude checks or any kind of ray/sphere/block casts.

Pinewood Weapon Bans

To enforce our no mass-random killing rule (MRK), members are given multiple warnings and can now be issued a weapon ban.

A weapon ban is something that a PIA Moderator+ can issue on a player if they find the player in violation of our MRK game rule. Having a Weapon-Ban means your gamepass & credit weapons will do no damage to other players. You can still use them on Missile trains/ECoolant doors. You are unable to directly spread fire to other players while weapon-banned as well (player → player, but player → non-player → player still works)

These weapon bans can be temporary and permanent depending on the offense tier.


You can appeal a weapon ban if it lasts over 3 days. Otherwise, you are required to wait it out.
EXCEPTION: IF AND ONLY IF you have a good case of evidence to prove you were wrongly given a LESS THAN 3 day weapon ban you may appeal. If the appeal is denied you may be issued a harsher weapon ban and an inability to appeal that weapon ban.


You are required to wait 6 months before being able to appeal a permanent weapon ban. As this is the last tier issued and only reached after multiple, increasingly lengthy, temporary weapon bans.


  1. Weapon bans apply in public & private servers
  2. Weapon bans only apply to public weapons, like the Anti-SpawnKill system
  • OP tools (Both Gamepass & Event weapons)
  • Credit Tools
  • Cadet Baton
  • Recruit Crowbar
  1. You are not able to attack other players should they attack you, that is the consequence of breaking our game rules.
  2. You will be notified of a weapon-ban often while in-game and made aware of how long is left in the ban (if it is temporary, otherwise it will tell you it is permanent)
  3. You can still receive the tools while weapon-banned and use them on non-players.

This currently will only apply at Pinewood Computer Core but is not hard to extend to other facilities.

A reminder that you are not excluded from the rules if you have bought items in PBCC, whether that be game passes or credits, or anything else, you are still expected to follow them.

If you have any questions regarding what a weapon ban is that isn’t listed here, feel free to ask a PIA moderator.

How to contact a Pinewood Moderator

While there is a system in place (as seen above), not all exploiters are detected as they may not be using a detected exploit or a fully-clientsided one. If so, you’ll likely need to call in a moderator.

How to do so is listed below.

Be aware, moderators are active but be advised that they cannot respond to every call and when they can, will choose whether or not a call is worth responding to.

  • In-game
    – Open the command bar or chat bar and enter !call.
    – This opens up the call system, which can be used for three subgroups. When reporting users breaking game rules, you want to report to PIA
    – The default key to open the console is ' " (Quote)
    – Upon entering the player in question, the reason, and any extra notes to help moderators tell what the issue is, you can then send the call.
    – Sending false calls can lead to you getting blacklisted from the call system!
    If a moderator joins your game, PLEASE do not point them out!
    → Sometimes, a moderator on an alternate account will join if it’s a recognized exploiter who evades moderators, you may not know who it is! (We switch these around often!)

If you are unable to get a PIA Moderator into your game, we advise you to record the offending player and report it to the Pinewood guild.

How to do so is listed below.

  • In a Community Guild
    – Every official PB guild has moderators, you are welcome to DM them or ping them in chat to get their attention. If you cannot get a moderator in-game through the call system, you can try to get a moderator through the community guilds.
    – You can find the invite links for these guilds on the group page of the respective division, in the social links. You must be 13 and up to view and join these guilds.
    – Once in a guild, you can go to the bot-commands channel and run the command !ru. Follow the instructions and make sure to select the PB icon when choosing where to make your report. Evidence is required to make a report.


You can find the invite to the Appeals server in the social links here; PB Appeals - Roblox
You must be 13 and up to join.

Additional information

  1. If you do not post anything in your appeal, after an hour the ticket will be deleted.
  2. You cannot appeal negative points/marks in divisions, reach out to a leader in that division instead.
  3. Purchases of in-game content with Robux do not exempt you from the rules nor entitle you to a free unban.
  4. Your account is your responsibility, unless you have indisputable proof we will not accept any excuse about unauthorized account usage.

If you are not 13 and up, feel free to reach out to a moderator on another platform or through PMs.

Last Updated: Feb 25th, 2024
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(Sept 10th, 2022:: Added Voice Chat rule, Updated MRK rule, & added Pinewood Weapon bans)
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