Pixfix - Faster Pixelfix alternative

📄 What does Pixfix do?

Pixfix removes those ugly black outlines that shows up on for example ImageLabels when the image is scaled up.


📄 Information

As my first Rust project I decided to make an alpha fixing tool for roblox, my goal was to make it faster than Pixelfix (it’s MUCH faster from my testings).

It only works on PNGs, which I believe is the only filetype with this outline problem (correct me if I am wrong).

🔥 Usage

You simply drag and drop a PNG (can be multiple PNGs and even a folder with PNGs inside) on the executable and it will fix your PNG so it’s ready to be uploaded to Roblox.

You can add Pixfix to the “Send to” menu for fast and easy Pixfixing.

  1. Go in the explorer and open shell:sendto

  1. Drag and drop the Pixfix executable in the opened folder

🔧 How does it work?

Pixfix works by setting the color of transparent pixels to the nearest non-transparent pixel color. You can think of it like extruding the edges of the image outwards.

⚡ How fast is it?

I haven’t done any extensive tests on Pixfix yet, and these results may vary depending on your PC specs.


I did one test against Pixelfix and here are the results;

Pixfix took 1.1829 seconds
Pixelfix took 14m 57s OR 897 seconds

This means that in this example, Pixfix was ~750 times faster! And that’s fast.

🧰 Installation

The releases can be found at:

PRs are also very appreciated! (Also don’t judge the code since I am new to Rust)

📊 Polls

Will you consider using Pixfix over other alpha fixing tools?

  • Yes
  • No

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Also, credit to @Corecii for making Pixelfix!


I do know about this, but the problem is that it is a website and you have to download and unzip all the images after. With Pixfix you can simply right click on the image and have it fixed in a matter of seconds.

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I think you need to change the name to make it more unique, It’s obvious that it’s very similar to Pixelfix

though my antivirus [Microsoft Defender] sees this as a virus Microsoft Defender is no longer seeing this as an virus, now it is working fine

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You still have to download it don’t you? ChiPNG is more convinient this way though.


Yes I know that the antivirus is a problem, since it’s just an exe. You might need to turn Microsoft Defender off while downloading. The name is also just something I came up with quickly, I wasn’t going to release this at first.

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Yes, and I do see the conveniency with using ChiPNG, but in the long run Pixfix will save you more time. And you only have to download Pixfix once.

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I agree with @NoxhazeI that ChiPNG is more conveinent when it comes to fixing transparent pixels in image files because you do not need to worry about viruses when you download an exe file nor get some antivirus marks

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I could zip the exe, that won’t give any antivirus marks I think.

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The false positive should be fixed now. If you try download now it wont block it.

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On the contrary, I don’t think this is a bad resource!

Everyone has preferences about tools they use. Someone will just use programs like Photoshop. I’m very pleased with Chipng, but I still kept Pixelfix at hand, because both are convenient for me, the latter as a right-click shortcut.

I quickly skimmed the source code and I see no malicious intent. It’s very common for Windows defender to falsly flag unsigned executables. Often it even warns me about my own.

By the way, Corecii welcomed any rewritings of Pixelfix and mentioned how it would work well in Rust in terms of speed. I’m glad to see people make useful opensource projects and learn with them.



Thank you so much, when I used Pixfix, it was so much faater. :heart:
You didn’t know how much problem the white stroke is to me in my game development :sob:

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