Place could not be loaded - HttpError: Timedout

Reproduction Steps

Open this place in studio:

I get this error sometimes when trying to open a game with a lot of assets and I’ll just retry until it works, but this one won’t open after trying like 10 times.

Expected Behavior

The game should open in studio

Actual Behavior

I receive this error instead:

Issue Area: Studio
Issue Type: Other
Impact: High
Frequency: Constantly
Date First Experienced: 2022-07-31 00:07:00 (-05:00)
Date Last Experienced: 2022-07-31 00:07:00 (-05:00)


Is your internet working fine? The error code says request timed out. this is a internet issue

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My internet is fine, I’m able to open other games just not this one. I’m pretty sure it’s because this game has a lot of assets so it takes longer to load, and then it times out before the game is able to finish loading


This is also happening to me


and my wifi is fine


Hey there! Here is the solution I have found to this:

  1. If the error pops up click retry
  2. When the loading screen comes up press cancel
  3. Retry going into the game
    I encounter this error everyday and this is a constant problem. Let me know if you need me to create a video of how to follow these steps!

Hi thanks for the report and sorry for the late response. Are you still experiencing this issue? Also, the place you provided is private so I can’t really access it.

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im experiencing this issue right now


Apologies for a late reply. Could you please check if that’s still an issue for you? Since it was reported, we had done a number of fixes regarding assets loading, and I hope this was already addressed.
If not, could you please make the place file you linked public?


Hi, I’m experiencing this issue right now, as well as many missing assets. Here is my post as well as someone else’s that is going through the same kind of thing. Mine: Roblox Studio Acting Up (Assets not loading in including Roblox Defaults) - Help and Feedback / Platform Usage Support - Developer Forum | Roblox

Theirs: Missing textures and icons - Help and Feedback / Platform Usage Support - Developer Forum | Roblox

Are these issues related?

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I’m experiencing this issue as well. Some games will open but it’ll stop loading assets and just return HTTP 500

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(here’s the image of my output, you can see it’s not loading assets.)

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Yes, same thing happens to me.

I as well am getting the issue Jaiden (2 posts above sent). It has been occurring since 11pm PST last night.

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Just to follow-up are you still encountering issues with assets loading or loading into your place?