Player Invite Prompts

[Update] March 23, 2023

ICYMI - Earlier this week we launched two feature updates to Player Invite Prompts feature! Take a look and please share your feedback with us!

Thank you.

Hey Developers,

We are very excited to announce the launch of Developer Driven Invites, an overhaul of our existing SocialService:PromptGameInvite() that allows you to customize and improve the invite experience for your players.

With this update, you can now:

  • Set triggers for the invite prompt, such as a user approaching a specific location or completing a level.

  • Customize the text that users see in the experience when prompted to invite their friends.

  • Choose whether to display a single friend or a multi-friend invite.

  • Customize the text that users see when they receive an experience invite notification.

  • Set the desired spawn location for the invitee.

Our data shows that experiences that use in-experience invite prompts have 6x more users sending invites compared to those that don’t. These experiences see an 8x increase in invite volume overall.

It’s important to keep in mind that creating misleading experiences, such as promoting Free Robux, is against our community standards and can result in lower invite conversion rates, a higher experience churn rate, and subsequently lower to no distribution on Roblox.

We recommend adding custom invite prompts that are relevant to your experience’s purpose and theme, sending custom invite notifications that are more likely to engage recipients, and using single vs. multi-friend invite prompts based on the circumstances. You can also consider teleporting invitees right next to the friend who invited them if they are still in the experience or creating opportunities for users to co-experience asynchronously.

Please note that we will be rolling out the ability for users to see the custom notifications over the coming weeks; nonetheless, you are still encouraged to set them up from the get-go to ensure your players see them as soon as possible. Similarly, we will be adding the ability to localize these custom notifications via the Creator Dashboard in the coming months. We will append this announcement when this feature is live, stay tuned!

We hope that Developer Driven Invites will help you create even more engaging and immersive experiences for your players.

Give it a try and let us know what you think!

For more information, please visit the documentation page.

Thank you.


You guys are on an update streak, please keep it up!

Funny I was just looking at this yesterday! Now games will have a good reason to use SocialService, as before it was mostly useless. Now a player’s friend will actually see the invite. This is great!

This makes this update EVEN BETTER.

This makes me even more excited for the API driven notifications.


Looks super cool! I see many possibilities for implementations of this throughout games and I’m excited to use it in my games in the future. Wondering if prompts to join groups similar to this may come in future, for roleplay community games and many developers these would be a great pair.


This is great!

I wonder how the notifications and join feature will work on Computers (& Consoles)! Will the invite be stored in the website’s notification section? Will a push notification appear on the invitee’s desktop? Many questions, but I am sure we will be informed about this more, in the future.

Fantastic update, I can’t wait to see how people will put this into use! :clap:


I like the expansion of the invite prompts but something that would be even better is if we could create our own UI for the player invite prompts. I have seen past posts where people have wanted to be able to have there own UI (like a completely different design then the current) because the current invite prompt UI just does not match many UI’s that experiences have.


Wouldn’t the new ExperienceInviteOptions.InviteUser fix this issue? It allows you to pick a specific user ID to invite.


I am quite un-happy that InviteMessageId cannot be a custom string, for example, I have multiple areas with-in my experience in-which I want the invite notification to show the area name the player is currently in rather than the experience name. This is not currently possible with the current very manual approach without constantly adding new areas to the dashboard.

This is also hinted at on the dashboard via the string:

  • {displayName} just cleared the sixth stage of {experienceName}. Can you?

This would be impossible to include the stage number in the current scenario


The invite prompt gui shouldn’t exist. We should be allowed to tie the invite functionality to our own custom guis, such as firing the invite when a player presses a text button.

I imagine the API has to be locked to core scripts, otherwise developers could initiate invitations on players’ behalf. Nothing stops malicious developers from spamming invites to all their friends. By making it a core gui, it ties the invite origin to a player action.


Roblox should be able to balance security and functionality. By not giving us control over what the UI looks like makes me not even want to use this feature


Roblox should be able to balance security and functionality. By not giving us control over what the UI looks like makes me not even want to use this feature

As a player, I don’t want developers sending invites to my friends without me knowing and explicitly allowing it. There’s not much of a balance that can be obtained there without allowing that to happen.

The best compromise I can think of is adding more customization to the core UI, in a similar fashion to the existing PromptMessage parameter, but it’s still necessary for them to provide a coregui popup.


Wow really cool! ya’ll are pumping these updates keep it up!!


I’m lovely the tutorial video format, it makes a lot easier to follow through compare to text only, much needed.


Depends on what you define “fix”. Unless I have incorrectly understood what this option allow you to do, I think that this just causes this screen to show rather then the one with many friends:

Sure don’t get me wrong at all, I think that this is great that rather then having all of the players show you can now just create your own UI and then this prompt will come up but what would be even cooler is if we could have complete custom control of what the UI looks like.

Even if for example rather then us having some type of method to show invite the user (as I could see this be some type of security or privacy issue), allow us to customize the color, design of button and things such as that then just the text. It just adds that much more customization and allow the prompt to look better. One of the main reason why people opt into creating there own custom leaderboard UI is for the exact same reason of that there is just a lack of customization due to it being a core GUI.


Really neat feature, love that we’re finally getting to play around with push notifications a little bit.

Only problem for me is this error message popping up when trying to set it.


The “custom gui” thing is technically possible (with an additional prompt saying “Would you like to invite this friend?”) with the InviteUser property of ExperienceInviteOptions


I used to believe that socialservice was really bad cause of the lack of features it had. Now I think it will make it much better.


Ah, I see. Thanks for pointing this out.

Quick question is there a way to detect if someone was successfully invited or if they joined via an invite? If not, it would be useful to award players with a small number of coins or something when joining the game to encourage players to invite others.


Good update! I always thought it was weird that you only got in-app notifications…

I also love that you guys tested this in Crossroads, it’s not often that Roblox shows off their history, sadly.


This is huge!!! Good stuff man.