Player.TeamColor3 and Team.TeamColor3

As a Roblox developer, it is currently too hard to have a deep orange team. The orange brick colors aren’t very orange and look more yellow to me. I want a “255, 85, 0” kind of orange, you know?

If Roblox is able to address this issue, it would improve my development experience because I could have more variety in team colors without having to write as much custom code.

A Player.TeamColor3 and Team.TeamColor3 would do the trick. Thanks for reading!


If Team.TeamColor3 is added (much like how BaseParts have BrickColor and Color3), then Player.TeamColor3 would be resolved, wouldn’t it? This technically already exists as the Color property of BrickColor. Seems a little unnecessary to also add it.


I guess there’s a case that can be made for setting the Player’s TeamColor3 to get them on a specific team, but that doesn’t feel as valid a use case when the Team property exists and you can directly assign a user to a team instance.

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I had originally posted on this topic, but after some more thorough testing I realized an issue. I had said that takes a Color3, however due to the nature of BrickColor, it will “round” to the nearest BrickColor, so the 255, 85, 0 ended up getting me CGA brown. Parts have a similar behavior when you change their Color, however it’s a separate property, so the BrickColor has the same behavior of “rounding”, but it didn’t make the BrickColor a CGA brown.

I would even go as far as saying deprecate Player.TeamColor, Team.TeamColor (you can set Player.Team like you said, and you don’t have to assume the color of the teams in case you forget them), and just add Team.Color, and I would even say make it a ColorSequence, if there is even any use cases for say rainbow colored teams, although extra customization wouldn’t hurt, unless there is a significant performance cost for having diffrent-colored teams/name tags.


BrickColor.Color just returns the color3 of the brickcolor. Right now if you set the color3 of a part to say, the color I mentioned in my first post and then read its brickcolor.color you won’t get the same color back. You’ll get a brown so this wouldn’t work with teams either.

I approve of this suggestion, and would like to add that SpawnLocation.TeamColor should be deprecated and replaced with SpawnLocation.Team (which could be set to a Team object). TeamColor should not be an identifier for a team!

There are older feature requests in the same vein as this.

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my b, though it is slightly frustrating that those topics are so old and yet nothings been done : P