PlayerList Updates

All going well, we plan to release this next week.

Having two codebases for the PlayerList while we wait for any further UI updates would mean that any updates would need to be made in both and time would have to be spent fixing bugs in the old playerlist that will be removed anyway. New Core UI we build is setup to be much easier to update the theme/style of so it’s less likely this will happen in the future.


It is not a bad update but i don’t love the new Font of it and it is not like the original one. The old one was a way better.
It doesn’t have something what the other one had.


I see this as a sign of other forthcoming core gui changes.


To be honest I prefer this over the previos PlayerList, this one looks a lot more clean and slightly more modern than the previous one.


You have a set of ScrollBarInset properties. Why not use those?


I still prefer the one we have now because it looks cleaner and everyone is already used to it and nobody really even wanted a change anyways.


The new player list does not fit with the chat, nor the top bar. The old leaderboard actually fitted with the style. It just looks out of place. Unless if you update the chat, than it might fit with the style you are going for.

Also a note to the staff team for future updates:

please don’t just make updates when ever you fancy, please announce the update that comes with a poll, for example: is this update good? Yes or No? This means that when you make updates for roblox, you are insuring it’s an update that most players will enjoy.


Much better than the old one. I’d be happy to have this in my projects.


While this is better than the old new one, the one we have had since 2015 should stay. It stills looks modern, and clean. This new one has a different transparency than the rest of the UI, and I don’t like it.


Tidy, easy to access! Just the scroll bar needs improving. :smiley: :heart:


I think this is great, due to how much less space it takes


Would it be possible to make the leaderboard (and ideally other coregui elements such as the backpack) easily modifiable like the lua chat system? This would help a lot of developers, both new and experienced.


While it looks decent on its own, I don’t feel like the new font would fit some games. Will we ever be able to customize it like the chat?


I wonder how difficult it would be to have all these settings be changeable in the same way the top bar and other coregui elements are edited.

Seems like it wouldn’t be too impossible and would theoretically please everyone.


I prefer the old leader board better. The new one looks weird with the scroll bar. The old one seems more organized, the new one seems more modern. Not really liking it like I didn’t like the new robux logo.

I believe most people here like and prefer the old leader board better. I don’t know, its just my opinion. The coloring looks off and OCD is going crazy. From the looks of the pictures, it seems small and harder to read than the old one.


I do prefer the new PlayerList, it does look much more nicer than the previous one, but it looks a tad bit too tall for each of the players



This is the best update, highlighting when mousing over player’s name and clicking! :wink:

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I’m happy with this new leaderboard, changing sometimes can be good too :smile:


I love the entire thing but I have two complaints to go with this, if it’s possible to update this… please do so.

I’d make the transparency match with the rest of the CoreGUI

I suggest this because of how odd it would look to have the playerlist color off from everything else. It becomes very repulsive and I think that would hinder how much people enjoy the list.

I’d move the scrollbar into it’s own frame on the outside of the actual playerlist GUI.

I suggest this so that way the scrollbar doesn’t mess with the PlayerList and it’s more appealing to the eyes.


I am super glad that this was announced to the community with an option for feedback before going live! That was a disaster last time.

The UI itself is looking a lot better since last time!
Unfortunately, I still don’t love it.

For one - the transparency doesn’t match the default toolbar. The fonts also do not align, however, I assume the other UIs will get an update too, so we’ll have to wait on that I guess.

The scrollbar is big and bulky and impedes on the UI itself. I understand it was to fix the old playerlist’s tiny scrollbar problem, but it does seem a bit forced.

One thing I don’t love is how big the list elements actually are. The player names themselves are vertically huge compared to the old design. The old design was great and compact - you could easily see a large amount of players all at once. This design does limit how much you can see at once. This is sort of like Discord’s Cozy vs. Compact appearance:
image image
Personally I would prefer the playerlist to be more compact, but this is personal preference.

I think that this is a step in the right direction, but I’m not sure if I like it now. I’m very sure that if this does get implemented, it won’t be the worst thing in the world, but it will definitely be unnatural for a little while.