Players do not move with ship

So how do i use a BodyMover? I’ve seen it a few times but i have no clue how it works

This should help!

That sounds really nice to have, but i am new to scripting so I don’t know how to do that

As far as I’m concerned, no.
And if there is, it’s probably a very hacky way which requires a certain amount of skills, which I suppose you do not possess yet since you are a beginner as you said… :frowning:
I’m sorry for not being able to help, I’m not very familiar with this kind of stuff. What I would do is using BodyMovers\BodyPosition, which are relatively easy to understand, there are tutorials on youtube and plenty of references on the Wiki.
Constraint Movers (
BodyPosition (

Is your ship suppose to go like you want it to go or you want players to steer it?

It should be automatic, it’ll ferry players from one port to another on the other side of the bay

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You will want to use a BodyPosition:

Code Sample:

script.Parent.BodyPosition.position =, 20, 0)

I think it would be more complicated than that, because the ferry needs to wait for some time at each port and then go to the other one

Try this:

local stopTime = 5 —How long you want it to be at each stop
script.Parent.BodyPosition.position = game.Workspace.Port1
script.Parent.BodyPosition.position = game.Workspace.Port2

To clean this up:

local ports = game.Workspace.PortsFolder:GetChildren()

for _, port in pairs(ports) do
    script.Parent.BodyPosition.position = port.Position

Make sure you put all your ports in a folder (in the workspace) called PortsFolder

Let me try this, how do i set the BodyPosition up?

Well however you want as long as all the ports are ina folder called PortsFolder in the workspace. You were talking about the ports.
Also I edited the second script!

Okay, is this correct?

Yea just put the script and BodyPosition in the part that’s in the model!

Okay, let me run my game and try this

Awesome, it works! How do I get it to change rotation though?

Just using the orientation property should work!

Orientation on the port piece?

Ship, maybe make it match the orientation of the port if you want!

for some reason it just stopped working when i anchored the port pieces

Weird but if it works with it I anchored than leave it ig