Players with giant body scale clips through the floor | Issues with Giant Players

So as you can see when the player is extremely big their lower body parts would extend below the map for some reason, I’m not sure but Humanoid.HipHeight comes to mind


Image from

and to confirm that this is an issue present inside Roblox Avatar’s Code

Image from a Baseplate with only Roblox Default Scripts

Repro.rbxl (15.4 KB)

local PlayerS = game:GetService('Players')

		local Hum = Cha:WaitForChild('Humanoid')
		for _,v in ipairs(script.BodyScales:GetChildren()) do
			Hum[v.Name].Value = v.Value



I think that the problem lies in the hip height not being changed.

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Thanks, we’ll take a look into this issue

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I try to send this hours ago, I don’t know what happen today, upload image fail, post fail, bra bra bra. Gave up. :cold_sweat:

HipHeight Property cap for auto calculate is 100
Here’s proof:

Proof Summary

GIF image of character grow every second while monitoring HipHeight Property. Found out that HipHeight Property number won’t grow excess 100.

Sorry about that. This was based on an exploit in 2016 that was able to crash gameservers, originally by sending NaN. Large values and had the same result. The values that caused issues didn’t need to be that large during testing. The limit of 100 was a compromise at that time. The team is looking into better limits now.


Perhaps allow developers to set the max HipHeight under StarterPlayer?

Developers already have access to some of the other variables in StarterPlayer that apply to the Humanoid. I don’t see why HipHeight.MaxHeight couldn’t be a thing! :slight_smile:

A fix has been enabled today, so your repro case is now ok