PlayStation Bugs and Features Categories

With the recent release of Roblox on PS4/PS5, the currently existing Xbox categories (#bug-reports:xbox-bugs and #feature-requests:xbox-features) should either be re-purposed into General Console Categories (i.e “Console Bugs”) or new PlayStation-Specific categories should be introduced.

This would create an avenue for PlayStation-specific problems and/or features to be posted.


Hey omega, thanks for posting!

We’re in the process of shuffling and migrating a few of our bugs categories, which includes a new app and website category that includes Xbox, PlayStation, mobile, and so on. You can see a list of changes in the announcement here! I also added a note to the top of the Xbox category to make this clearer while we work through these changes :slight_smile:



Will there be an update to Feature Requests as well? I can’t find an update on that specifically.

I’d like to make a feature request for console-wide, but currently there is only the xbox feature request category. So, should I hold off on writing a feature request until a console feature request, or universal app, category is added?


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