Bug Reporting Wizard Update

Hey developers,

We’re making a few changes to the bug reporting wizard and subcategories this week which will improve the way we sort incoming issues. Give a warm welcome to the new Creator Hub, Roblox Application and Website, Purchasing, Cloud Services, and Other subcategories!

With these additions, we’ll be shuffling some reports into new spots. Existing reports won’t move over right away, but all new reports will be filed into their new homes. Here’s a quick breakdown of what is going where:

  • Website issues will be split between Creator Hub and Roblox Application and Website. When you report an issue on Creator Hub, for example, the wizard will now include a field for the affected URL. Including this will help us quickly assign the bug report to the right team!

  • Mobile and Xbox issues are now part of the all-inclusive Roblox Application and Website category.

  • Talent Hub is now included as part of Creator Hub. Documentation Issues will stay as its own category, but did you see that we open-sourced our docs? Get over there and contribute to creator documentation!

  • Other is a new and mysterious option that you can choose if you’re not sure where a bug report should go. Education bugs going forward will be clubbed into this category. Try to only use it if you’re having trouble categorizing your bug; your best guess at categorization will help speed up how we review and assign bugs.

These changes are part of a larger effort to improve our efficiency, which will allow us to open bug reporting up to more creators. We’d love to hear your feedback, whether it’s about the wizard changes, new subcategories, or anything else around reporting bugs.

Thank you,
Creator Success Team


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I would highly appreciate it if there were an improved platform for reporting bugs and suggesting features. We were told to expect a “Developer Jira” many RDCs ago, but that never actually happened. It would be amazing if we had a proper portal, akin to Jira (even if it’s not actually Jira), that would layout bugs/feature requests in a much nicer and readable layout.

I expect and want to see open bug reports in order of priority, highly voted/trending/new feature requests, the certain status of the fix, and so on. But this is all nearly impossible on the DevForum. We’re often given zero status updates as well, nor can see the current status. Sometimes, we may get a response saying it was fixed, but this doesn’t even happen a large amount of the time, and sometimes when it does, it’s weeks if not months late. More annoyingly and recently, sometimes you will get a response saying We’ve filed a ticket to our internal database, and we’ll follow up when we have an update!, but you never get any further responses after a month or longer. I don’t understand why you’re saying you will ‘follow up’ when that never happens in many cases I come across. It’s also extremely hard to sort through the listings to find what you’re looking for, both because of prior status issues and other times years old bugs are bumped to the top of the list.


@moo1210 really appreciate the feedback, we are actively working on improving transparency, communication, and access to bug reporting / feature requests. There’s another update coming very very soon that will clearly display the status of a bug report!

Do you have examples of threads where it’s been months and you haven’t seen a follow-up? Sometimes it does take more than a few weeks to solve and deploy a fix for a bug, but I’d like to look into any threads you can share to see if there is anything I can do to improve our communication along the way.


Might just jump in here since you’re offering (thanks!) - here’s a few major ones that we would appreciate an update on:


Hey @bvetterdays - just followed up on all these. I promise we’re working day in and day out to improve our responsiveness and get these fixed. It’s unacceptable for y’all to file a report, taking the time out to give us input, but not hear anything back. We’ve already massively fixed up this system in the last few months and will continue to do so.


Cheers! On behalf of all of us, we really appreciate it :sweat_smile:

Excited to see the updates y’all have planned for bug reports soon.


Hey, I have two more for you. First one is quite urgent; we were told it would be fixed by now but it hasn’t been. Would highly appreciate an update.

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Checking in on these - for the first, looks like an engineer said the fix would be out this week. Looks like someone from staff commented on the second as well. But that report’s only four days old and it might take a bit of time to work things out.


These two names don’t match their subforums, so even after spending time reading the “what to post here” posts on each, the creation wizard didn’t put it in my intended spot.


I think the dropdown could default select the subforum you clicked Report from:


Ever since the catalog asset bugs subcategory was created, there has been some confusion about if it included issues with UGC items. This problem was brought up months ago in this feature request.

Recently, the bug report wizard update created an inconsistency by stating that it does include issues with UGC items. However, the category’s pinned thread still states that it only includes “issues with Roblox-created catalog assets”. If the catalog asset bugs category now includes issues with UGC items, then the pinned thread needs to be updated to reflect this change.

If this was unintentional, I would suggest splitting catalog asset bugs into two categories, one for Roblox-created assets and another for UGC items (similar to how website issues were split).

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