Please add a way to view all of the games I've purchased on Roblox

As a Roblox developer and player, it is currently impossible to view what games I have purchased a access to

This page is no longer displaying any of the games I have paid for

The games page no longer has either a Top Paid or Paid category anymore, so this is no longer helpful to find games I paid for

A feature where I can view games that I have purchased would be helpful so I can actually see what I spent my Robux / money on.

Thanks :slight_smile:


Strange, for me the Places > Purchased page still shows me which places I’ve spent robux on for paid access. Maybe it’s a specific bug?


It’s because Places > Purchased shows only those games based on your Roblox username. I changed my username quite a few times and noticed that a long while ago.


That’s interesting. I’ve never changed my username and it seemed to just stop working a few months ago

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I don’t believe that would be it. I’ve changed my username twice since I purchased Nuke The Whales, and once since EH’16.

I am pretty sure this is a bug since im still able to switch pages but nothing appears. I’ve had this for months now.


Even if this is the case, it’s definitely an interesting position to view where we’ve purchased games. I still would like some sort of library or something (maybe like steam?) where we can see them easier

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Just as an update:

I am still unable to view the games I have purchased in my inventory. Could we get some word about whether or not this is going to be addressed?

This category used to be displayed in the “Games” tab, but now is gone even there, so it is impossible to view what paid access games you bought (at least for some users, including me). It doesn’t have to do with usernames because I’ve bought games throughout my username changes and some now with my current username, and still can’t find them anywhere.


Cannot seem to repro, I’ve changed my usernames a couple times and all of the games that I’ve bought seem to transfer to all of my new usernames.{userid}/inventory#!/places/purchased this link is what I’m using (under inventory) to get my purchased places.

Whether or not that API works (which it doesn’t for certain people, like me), we shouldn’t have to use an API to get this kind of information. I’m totally okay, personally, with using this, but this is not a solution for everyone on the Roblox platform (I know you’re not suggesting that, I’m just stating that we really need something that is easy to access and that works).

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It isn’t an API, it’s the link to the inventory page that shows the purchased games

Yes, however, this still doesn’t work for everyone. I haven’t looked into if it’s some sort of web bug or whether or not the API is messed up. No clue


I seem to be having the same issue apart from mine only seems to show some of the older games I’d bought access to but doesn’t seem to show some of my most recent ones… :thinking:

Still unable to easily figure out what games I own. Inventory (and the API link posted above, which leads to that exact page) only shows my own places, for “Purchased”, “My Games” and “Other Games” I’m getting a blank page even though I 100% have purchased places that are still open now.

Should I be using some other method? Is there any other method at all?