Please bring back jumping on the surface of water (R6)

Update: I just realised this is with R6, as you can still jump with R15. however this issue still resists.

There’s a huge issue in our game at the moment, because this water-terrain motion update prevents players from getting(jumping) back into their boats once they go into the water. I’m not sure if this is a glitch, but I’m sure we’re not the only ones being effected by this update. It’s now very difficult to get on any surfaces whilst inside the water now.

Would be super great to bring this back, thanks,



This seems more like a game-breaking bug than a feature request.

I wasn’t too sure if it was a bug or not, because you can tell in the gameplay that the character physically slows down as they approach the surface of the water, which prevents the jump.

It seemed like an update but could now well be a glitch knowing now that you can jump with R15.

Agree with waffle, this seems like something that’s a game-breaker more than a feature.

You could probably come up with some clever ways to handle this annoyance with some math and a custom system for climbing into boats (which might make it look better anyway)!

Please revert whatever caused this as this is a major game breaker to my game.


Answered here. Cannot jump in water